Why Your Small Law Firm May Benefit from a Virtual Receptionist

In today’s day in age, law firms and other businesses are outsourcing roles that once were only take on within the confines of the structure your practice calls home. This is in part due to the fact that many small law firms can’t afford much overhead when first starting out. One of the important roles that need to be filled in your small law firm is a receptionist. Because the attorneys need as much time as possible to dive head first into projects, someone else needs to be available to answer the phone. This is where a virtual receptionist comes in.

What is a virtual receptionist?

A virtual receptionist is still a real human. They are just located somewhere else. They use software that makes it seem like they are answering your own phone in your own office. Virtual receptionists answer the phone, direct calls and deliver messages.

How can a virtual receptionist benefit a small law firm?

Here are several benefits a virtual receptionist with a virtual phone system can offer to your small law firm.

Cut Costs

The need to pay an employee in house is eliminated by hiring a virtual receptionist. This helps you not only to avoid overhead costs but also saves on paying out benefits.

You also won’t need to invest in an expensive phone system because most virtual phone systems are managed by the company you hire and are cloud based. This, too, saves you money.

Give Special Treatment to Top Clients

A virtual receptionist can work whenever you want them to. If a important client calls when you are out of the office or after hours, a virtual assistant can offer them a personal service that they would otherwise not receive from your answering machine.

Effectively Track Phone Time

Virtual phone systems can also help to provide information about your small law firm’s call history. This helps to document time spent on the phone with your clients, which is billable.

Effectively Records Calls

Along with the virtual receptionist feature, most virtual phone systems will also offer the opportunity to record calls in order to track conversations or keep record of calls as well as for training purposes.

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