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chalkboard-620316_1920Writers block.  Have you ever experienced it?  You have an amazing idea, you begin writing and then there’s nothing.  So what happens?  Your brilliance sits on a shelf (or in your computer) for another year, never reaching the world.  An all too familiar reality for most of us.  I was truly thrilled to have sat down with Morgan Gist Macdonald.  Morgan is the founder of Paper Raven Books. She is a writing coach and non-fiction editor.  She helps writers get clear and moving, taking action. She gets authors to find their message, put it on the page, and shape their words so they resonate. During the last seven years Morgan has coached new entrepreneurs and veteran authors on projects covering the social sciences, business, humanities, art and inspiration. And works on every kind of book length from doing an eBook to a full length manuscript.


How am I going to write a book?

I’ve found through my own practice that writing books is probably the best, or one of the best ways to make yourself an expert. Finding your voice and documenting your experiences lends credibility to your expertise in your niche or field. So, how is it that I can possibly fit the time in to write a book?  Time always becomes a concern with those of us who are busy with so many other major concerns in our life.  But I like what Morgan shared, she stated that we find time for what is important to us.  Assessing with her clients why writing a book is important to them is one of the ways Morgan helps diagnose why this book is important to the authors life, how it will change their life and how it will change the readers life.

Morgan shares that it’s important to  spend time thinking through your why. It’s very easy to just pop off, “Oh I might make some money on Amazon, or I might get a client.” But the power in the ‘why’ statement strengthens the deeper you go.  If you start to really dream about, okay what could it honestly do for my practice? How could it transform my business? When a reader reads this book, how could their life change? What are the possibilities that unwind from putting a book out there? And it can be anything from maybe you’ll have a freedom-based business, you can take your laptop and go out and travel the world, that’s a big dream these days. Maybe you’ll create a business that has enough lead generation that you can bring on attorneys underneath you. Maybe your experience can change some other attorney’s life as they’re going through law school and beginning their own law career. There are so many ways that a book can change your life or someone else’s, that to really dive deep into the ‘why’ is important. And it should be so powerful that when you read it, especially if you read it out loud, you are so motivated to write that you’ll clear your calendar for it.

This great place to start and even keep it on track.


Writing Everyday

People tend to think that writing a book could take years, literally. But when Morgan sits down with clients to talk, She has to really convince them that part of the reason some authors take years to write a book is because they’re not writing every day. If you can really commit to writing every day, you can actually turn out 3,000 to 5,000 words a week, and multiply that by five weeks you get an eBook. Multiply that by ten to twenty weeks, and you get a full length manuscript. So once she works out that math with them they are surprised to find out that  that a full length manuscript was 60,000 words and they could write 5,000 words a week.

Morgan encourages her clients not to wait for inspiration, because it may only hit you over the head about three times a month. If you want to wait you can, but if you actually want to finish the book, you’ve got to set up time to let inspiration come to you. Morgan recommends finding out  when do you do your best work.  If  you’re clearest in the morning, that’s your inspiration spot.  If it’s in the afternoon, or the evening and that’s where you thrive begin there.  Then there are other things that help with productivity that actually have not to do with writing. Does daily exercise help with your productivity? Does certain types of eating plans help with your productivity, they help you think clear? Are there other things that you can be doing in life to help you think more clearly? And that will actually, on the back end help with your writing.

Morgan share lots of great tips on her blog.  Visit her website for more information on how to get started on your first or next book @ Paper Raven Books

This is a transcript of a recorded live presentation. It is in spoken-word format. While we have cleaned up the transcript a bit for easier reading, it is not in edited written-word format. – See more at: Become and Author with Morgan Macdonald

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