What Law Firm Business Development Strategies Actually Work?

There are a lot of lawyers who don’t know how to get new clients because they don’t focus enough energy on law firm business development strategies, or they waste too much time on activities and services that simply do not work.

We have gathered some of the most effective law firm business development strategies that do work and will bring you the clientele that you are really looking for.

1. Choose the best infrastructure for your firm’s online presence

When you choose an infrastructure like LawLytics, you are going to get the best sort of support that you will need to run a successful law firm. This particular system was created by lawyers from the ground up, and they focus their time and energy on helping lawyers like yourself grow. When you first talk to LawLytics, you’ll notice they won’t sell you legal marketing services that you don’t need. You’ll only have to shell out $200 a month, and your law firm will get all the marketing advertisement you’ll need.

2. Put quality content on your website, be it written or video

When you provide potential clients with content that they can use, not only are you connecting with them, but you are also showing them that you are the authority on the segment of law you practice. Again, you can use a program like LawLytics to develop a law firm business development strategy that will work for your firm. However, if you already have a website or a blog, you might want to import your site onto their system because they can improve the way your clients can access the content.

3. Don’t waste resources on marketing that isn’t measurable

There are too many lawyers out there that don’t know if the marketing that they are spending their money on is working for them or not. This leads them to keep spending money on things that don’t work for their firm, and it’s just a waste. If you want to be highly competitive in your niche, you want to get rid of the techniques that aren’t working for you and throw all your efforts into the law firm business development plans that are working. What sort of things is measurable? Blog posts can keep track of how many visitors you receive as well as how many comments you get. You can use LawLytics to use their built-in reports and lead tracking capabilities, so you can tell whether one blog post or another substantive content influenced a prospective new client to contact and hire your firm.

4. Start with your clients

These are the people who come to you for your knowledge and they trust the work that you do. So you should try to nurture that relationship with them as much as you can. Ideally, they will come to you with all their legal troubles (within your niche, of course) and they will also spread your name to anyone who could use your services. Word of mouth is very important when you are trying to start your law firm, and your clients are your mouth pieces!

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