What Law Firm Business Development Strategies Actually Work?

Every business is as good as its strategy. A well-thought-out strategy that is data-centric could be the boost that your law firm business needs to grow. A business development strategy is a long term undertaking that includes all units, stakeholders and elements that are interconnected and constitute the law firm.

Formulating, implementing and adopting such strategies is sometimes a tall order for our beloved lawyers. There are a lot of lawyers who don’t know how to get new clients. Bear in mind that their legal prowess is not in question, but they just don’t focus enough energy on law firm business development strategies. In other respects, they waste valuable time on strategies that simply don’t work.

We have gathered some of the most effective law firm business development strategies that do work and will bring you the clientele that you are really looking for.

  1. Choose the Best Marketing Infrastructure for Your Firm’s Online Presence


Create a Law Firm Website

Arguably, marketing in the modern age has taken a digital front. Most marketing activities in modern time is done in the online space. Gone are the days where businesses print fliers, notices, etc., to market their craft. If your law firm has not embraced the digital marketing front, it is high time that it does.

The online space has a lot to offer with regard to marketing. Be it web content, articles, emails, ads, videos, live interactions through chat or video, web banners, pay per click ads, etc. And since marketing is one of the building blocks for business development, it makes practical sense to embrace marketing of the modern age-Online marketing.

You may choose to build your online presence by choosing the right infrastructure such as a website, blog, social media page for your law firm. A website will entail:

  • Registering a domain name
  • Getting hosting space form a reliable host
  • Creating an outline of your web content
  • Adding a logo to the website
  • Settling on a workable design

A social media page can be created easily at any of the popular social networks, namely, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also register a blog easily by signing up for one on WordPress.

Each of these platforms has their own workings and can contribute immensely to enriching your online presence. They would need regular updating of content so that it remains relevant to prospects and clients.

If you feel overwhelmed and need some hand in marketing your law firm, you can outsource such activities. For lawyers and small law firms, Lawlytics is a great option. Lawlytics specializes in supporting law firms in their marketing endeavors. They have an amazing system which was created by lawyers from the ground up. They focus their time and energy on helping lawyers like yourself grow. When you first talk to LawLytics, you’ll notice they won’t sell you legal marketing services that you don’t need. You’ll only have to shell out $200 a month, and your law firm will get all the marketing advertisement you’ll need.

  1. Put Quality Content on Your Website, Be it Written or Video

Quality Law Website Content


Quality content always attracts valuable customers. Your business development strategy might be failing you because you have not factored in such when creating content.

What Do We Mean by Quality Content?


It is factual and well researched

You are not in the business of providing assumptions and guessed content to your customers. Thus, in the spirit of developing your business, make a habit of carefully researching the content that you have posted on your website. Most importantly, ensure that it is factual.

It is relevant

You should avail only what is resourceful and relevant to your potential customers. An effective way of knowing what is relevant is by creating customer personas. This will help you know what your potential customer wants from you, their preferences, their challenges, and dispositions.

It is targeted

Your customers should always feel that you are communicating to them personally. They should also feel that are paying close attention to their legal issues. Ensure your content elicits such feeling by making it targeted.

Language, font, and video quality

Remember that you are trying to make a professional impression to your prospects and customers thus, your language should be up to scale. Avoid any jargons. Keep it clear and concise. Concerning font, ensure that it is visible. Make it readable across all devices as most clients would be accessing your website from mobile devices. With regard to video quality, ensure it is high definition quality. You can easily lose a potential client since s/he was repulsed by the poor video quality of your content.

When you provide potential clients with content that they can use, not only are you connecting with them, but you are also showing them that you are the authority on the segment of law you practice. Again, you can use a program like LawLytics to develop a law firm business development strategy that will work for your firm. However, if you already have a website or a blog, you might want to import your site onto their system because they can improve the way your clients can access the content.

  1. Don’t Waste Resources on Marketing that isn’t Measurable

This is where value for money comes to play. You should embrace marketing which can give you real and measurable value. Since you are concerned with business development for your law firm, it can only make sense to adopt such a sound practice. It goes a long way in improving your bottom line as a business and will guard against financial losses.

Sadly, there are many lawyers out there that don’t know if the marketing expenditure is working for them or not. This in the long run leads them to continuously spend money on activities that have not value. It goes further to ruin their law firm’s bottom line in the sense that they are spending and getting no value in return. It is such a wasteful venture. To enhance business development for your law firm, such wastages have to be curtailed. If you want to be highly competitive in your niche, you want to get rid of the techniques that aren’t working for you and throw all your efforts into the law firm business development plans that are working.

What Sort of Things Are Measurable?

  • Blog posts can keep track of how many visitors you receive as well as how many comments you get.
  • You can use LawLytics to use their built-in reports and lead tracking capabilities. Thus, you can tell whether one blog post or another substantive content influenced a prospective new client to contact and hire your firm.
  • You can embed Google Analytics on your website to track your advertisement’s return on investment. In addition, it will also help you track videos, flash, applications and your social networking sites.
  1. Nurture Your Customer Relationships

Law Firm Customer Relationships


Your customers are your lifeline as a business. It is then a sound and valid strategy to build your relationship with them. Picture this; your customers are the people who come to you for your knowledge. They trust the work that you do. So you should try to nurture that relationship with them as much as you can. Ideally, they will come to you with all their legal troubles (within your niche, of course).

How Can You Nurture This Relationship?


Be responsive

Do not tire at responding to your customer’s queries. Don’t hesitate to answer that persistent phone call, or respond to that long email.

Increase your engagements with them

Update them on new developments in the legal field. Ask them to subscribe to a regular newsletter. Be accessible through your office or at a convenient place for both your customer and yourself. All these are avenues for increasing engagements with your customers.

Show them that you appreciate them

Picture this scenario. Your loyal customer seeks for legal advice from you and you work tirelessly to provide it well. The customer expects a professional fee note for the advisory. But you tell him/her that you provided it free of charge as a token of appreciation for being a loyal customer. Picture the joy, appreciation, and gratitude that this customer would have. Such a customer would feel indebted to you and would always consult you, not because you provided a free service, but you showed him/her that you appreciate their loyalty. Now replicate this to your whole customer base. All your customers will stick to you as you have demonstrated that you appreciate them.

By nurturing your customers, you are in essence enhancing customer retention. It also increases your customer base through referrals from the same satisfied customers. They will for sure spread your name to anyone and everyone who could use your services. Word of mouth is very important when you are trying to start your law firm, and your clients are your mouthpieces! In this way, your law firm business will develop tremendously.

Apply the four highlighted law firm business development strategies and you are sure to grow your law firm exponentially!

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