What Are the Ways of Marketing for a Law Firm

Sometimes the reason why your law firm is not getting as many customers as you’d like lies within your marketing. It’s not that your knowledge of the law is being questioned; it’s just how you market your law firm. Your marketing may be lacking or minimal. Or perhaps you’re just not doing it the right way. Remember that this a law firm and not just any other business. Thus, there are certain marketing techniques that are specific to law firms.

This article will consider some vital points that touch on how you can embark on marketing for a law firm effectively.

Invest in Resources for Marketing for a Law Firm

To start with, you ought to dedicate a fixed amount of money out of your revenues purposely for marketing for a law firm. A good figure is 3% of your total revenue. This allocation should be focused on creating an effective brand that will appeal to clients and prospective customers. Ensure that all parties in the firm are aware of this allocation. It should not be seen as an unnecessary expense; rather it should be seen as investing in your company.

Focus On a Specific Type of Law

The market is filled with general law practitioners. Hence, when you join this bandwagon of general practitioners, there is nothing new that you’re offering to people. What you need to is focusing on one specialty. There are many picks:

  • Trademark issues
  • Taxation
  • Immigration services
  • Public Law
  • Business law

An important fact to know is that most clients are specific when they are looking for a lawyer. Hence, when you focus on a certain type of law, and you market yourself in such manner, you are most likely to have many new clients. Statistics even show that those lawyers who specialize earn more than their counterparts who are in the general practice.

Give Freebies to Your Immediate Community

One thing about marketing is that when people have a taste of what you have to offer, they will be hooked and will look at nothing else. With this knowledge, give the immediate community or target clients a taste of the legal services that you have to offer at no charge at all. For example, you can give important legal information that is sure to help them. They will not only benefit from the free information, but your law firm will benefit from the free publicity. One person will refer the other and that is how you will build your brand all over.

Marketing for a Law Firm by Attending Trade Associations

What better way to carry out marketing for a law firm than to network! Networking has always been the surest way of getting new contacts, new leads and also new ideas. Your law firm can also benefit greatly from networking events such as trade associations. The secret is identifying the cities, counties, and states where your prospective clients will be attending and making an appearance there. Once you are there, socialize and get to know more people who you know might have an interest in your law firm. In that way, you will score yourself some more clients, and you would have done some marketing for a law firm in a most productive way

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