Stress Free Law Practice – Live Online Event

America has long since had a reputation for hardworking industriousness and for championing the entrepreneurial spirit.  It is not uncommon for people nowadays to work more than one job, or to put in long hours at the workplace in the pursuit of our goals and dreams.  Depending on how one defines success, it can be easy to lose sight of some of the elements that we need to maintain a balanced lifestyle.  The consequences of this imbalance often surface in stress related health issues, degraded relationships and poor work performance over the long haul.  Statistics show that lawyers are at the forefront of this problem.


On Thursday, November 19, I will be discussing ways that you can run a stress free law practice. We will be discussing insights and experiences I’ve gathered in my long years in creating my law firm.  I will share my secrets on how I  took my small law firm Gaylord Popp LLC and turned it into one of the most profitable law firms in New Jersey.   The goal of this online event is to include health in our success equation, and to ensure that we build our business while simultaneously building our relationships.  We also want to be able to enjoy our free time to pursue our passions and gasp…..relax from time to time.


Even if only one of my secrets helps you out, then I have done my job, because they each have the capability of increasing your productivity and efficiency to help create that stress-free life and environment.  You’ll notice that they are simple secrets, but that doesn’t mean they are easy. It can take discipline to introduce new habits into your life and practice, but I assure you they are worth it.  Think of me the next time you are enjoying that relaxing day off at the beach or the park with your family, knowing your business is thriving as you do so.


In this discussion with acclaimed money mindset coach, Joan Sotkin, I will cover some practical measures you can take, as well as some beneficial philosophical adjustments that work in both your practice and in your private life.Joan and I will be hosting this live online event on Thursday, November 19 at 3:00 EST on the streaming video platform called Blab.  You can register for your seat here:


“See” you there.

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