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What Is In Your Tool Belt?

The successful management of an independent law firm can be a demanding pursuit for even the most organized of professionals.

Aside from the actual application of the law, a lawyer running his or her own ship must cultivate a diverse skill set in order to handle the variety of tasks, from billing to marketing, banking, finance, IT, and so forth.

The smart use of appropriate software tools wherever possible can help to alleviate the heavy work load, and increase efficiency and productivity within the practice.

On that note, I wanted to bring your attention to the Evernote app.

Evernote is a note-taking and archiving app that many lawyers are reporting helps them to organize their ideas, thoughts, projects and tasks in an extremely diverse and beneficial manner.

From the collection of information for blog posts and projects, as a repository for documents and research, to an aid in reducing cognitive load, Evernote’s multi-faceted functions are proving highly useful in the field of law.

How Some Lawyers Are Using Evernote

Regarding your due diligence in deciding whether or not this app would work for you, I invite you to have a read of this short article detailing the variety of ways that a number of law professionals are currently using Evernote.

As you know, if there is a tool or resource that is easily applicable, and can help streamline your practice, it is worth an audit.

As one lawyer puts it, Evernote is a digital extension of your biological memory, and who among us couldn’t benefit from that?

Evernote adapts to your particular style and Phillipe Doyle Gray highlights a couple interesting features:

  • Do you have terribly messy handwriting that makes its way to post-it notes? Evernote can recognize your handwriting. Watch Evernote do that here.
  • If you have prefer reading from paper rather than a screen, Evernote can simulate this for your reading ease.  It can make any web page look more like paper, automatically increase the text size, and have an on-screen highlighter? Watch Evernote do that here.

Final Words

If you do indeed decide to make use of Evernote’s applications, I would love to hear how it has assisted the management of your firm.

The independent lawyer can never have too many useful tools in his or her belt, and I hope this one proves helpful for you too.

Look for more articles from me with other valuable resources to help you successfully manage your independent law firm.

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