Starting Your Own Law Firm – Mindsets and Attitudes

Getting Your Head In The Game

There is much to consider when starting your own law firm.  Many of the things to keep in mind are of a practical nature, like which business entity to form, registering your domain name, building a website, and choosing bookkeeping software.

But, if you want to make the swiftest of progress and line yourself up for long term success, it is important to get your mindset right first.

This can be achieved as you develop awareness and research the challenges at hand, and from listening to grizzled old veterans like myself.

Another surefire way is to ask yourself the right questions and take the time to think through honest answers.

And, since you are hear reading this now, I’ll share with you some of what I’ve learned over the years.

What’s It Going To Take?

This is a quick rundown of the mindsets and attitudes that are going to assist you as you start your own firm.

Resolve  There are going to be tough days where you might question your choice to go down the independent road and manage your own firm.  There can be a great deal of stress in this occupation, so be aware.

To see yourself through these hard times, you are going to need resolve.

If starting your own law firm is truly what you want to do, then your firm determination will see you through to the other side.

Take the time to research what other lawyers who have gone before you have had to endure, and make sure you are up for the task.

You want to go in with your eyes wide open.

A Positive Mindset The key here is to remember that failure is only a chance to grow and learn.  If you experience a blow or a setback of some kind, the quicker you can look for the lesson in the experience, the sooner you will be back on your feet moving in the right direction.

Easy to say and not so easy to do, I know.  But herein lies the discipline.

If you start feeling negative, quickly banish that form of poisonous self-talk from your mind.  Remind yourself of all the positives you are experiencing from plotting your own course, beholden only to yourself.

Understanding  Having the understanding that your reputation is your most valuable asset will vector you towards success.

Taking the time to see things from your client’s perspective and trying to understand their expectations will make them super-fans, and allow you to steer them clear of pitfalls and disappointments.

And lastly, have the understanding that you might have to say no to some work.  You need to keep your body and mind sharp and healthy over the long haul.  This can be tough when you are starting out, but you will find your way.

Just keep this in mind as you grow your firm.

Integrity  This is a cornerstone of a successful law practice and linked intimately with your reputation.  In law, your name and success are wrapped up in a nice interconnected web, and are built on your honesty and ethical code.

Do what you say you will do, and do it well.

Patience  It takes patience to learn new things, and learn you shall.  From mastering online marketing to figuring out how to hire the best accountant.

Go easy on yourself and seek counsel when necessary.

Energy  When you’re first starting out, you’re going to need the energy to learn new things and juggle tasks that you may never have had to do before.

You’ll be wearing many hats and hustling to get those billable hours in, so make sure you don’t burnout by eating healthy and getting adequate rest.

You’ll need it!

Consistency  Successful people make consistent efforts daily in order to move themselves ever closer to the goals that they set for themselves.  Check the Slight Edge for good brain food and motivation.

Closing Thoughts

Your mind has the potential to be your greatest asset and ally or your own undoing.  This is especially true when tackling the challenge of starting your own law firm.

Keeping it sharp and positive will build your confidence and put you in the best position to thrive.  I’ll be here feeding you as much helpful advice as I can, so please leave any comments or questions in the section below

Until next time!

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