Social Media Tactics for Law Firm Websites

The secret to a successful web presence when it comes to law firm sites is more than just a static web presence. Blogging and social media are also highly important when it comes to offering value to readers and successfully engaging prospective clients.

We have covered The Why and How of Law Practice Blogs. Now let’s dive into the importance of social media content development for law firm sites.

At first glance, social media development can seem difficult and demanding when it comes to deciding what to include and when, especially if you haven’t done anything like it before. Some firms don’t have marketing teams and feel they don’t have the means to generate content for their social media channels. Rest assured that there is hope. Follow these simple tips for developing content and generating more active online presence for law firm sites on social media.

Comment and Share Regularly

Share content and articles that you find interesting. If you are already sending an article to a business associate, take a few minutes to post it to social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Take time to respond to followers who comment. Actively engage with your followers to let them know you are there and care.

Discuss Current Events

Current events are a big thing on social media. Stay caught up by joining in the discussions. Are there current news events that are relevant for your law firm or what you stand for? Talk about these news pieces with your clients and colleagues.

Feature Your Attorneys

Share interesting details about the members of your firm. Include their professional accomplishments. In doing so, you will actually grow the brand of your firm. If your teammates have received any recognition or rewards, boast of these. You will boost your firm’s reputation by sharing of the legal talent that is behind your brand. Encourage your teammates to post to their personal pages as well and re-share it from your firm’s social media pages.

Tell About Your Firm

Share background information about your firm or behind the scenes details. Talk about the people who make it a success. Share photos of events that you engage in, like holidays or milestone events.

Actively Engage Your Followers

Engage with your visitors. This is incredibly important to the success of your law firm site’s social media presence. Respond to comments regularly and try to stay within a 24 hour period if you can. A timely, upbeat response will go a long way for your business. Prospective clients will see that you care and are available when needed.

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