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Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.03.22 AMRobert Mallon, who is a nationally recognized professional speaker and business coach, joined me recently to talk about what’s happening over at Rusty Lion Academy. Robert is a mentor and a meeting facilitator, and over the last thirty-five years, has worked with several nationally known corporations as a leader and manager. He has a great passion for helping men between the ages of 30 and 49 to help their companies grow and now fulfills that mission through the Rusty Lion Academy.

At The Law Practice Doctor, we like to provide methods or ideas to lawyers on how to have the career and also have a life, I’d call it balancing, but Robert Mallon refers to it more of an ebb and flow relationship. To understand the reference, he recommended “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and a passage he described as follows: “if you chase two rabbits, you’ll catch neither one”. He likes to hit home that you must stop chasing so many things and really go after one thing at a time. He described the 80/20 rule (basically 80{cf5d02f31badde63b68d55c0bed56ab5356094abc2057734bc0088249d8536d3} of your results are going to come from 20{cf5d02f31badde63b68d55c0bed56ab5356094abc2057734bc0088249d8536d3} of your efforts) and how you should delegate all the things you really do not need to be doing.

It’s important to note type A personalities, like lawyers, may not understand this quota, but once you embrace it (and the ability to delegate), you will breath easier and maybe enjoy your life AND your job.

Robert says, there are keys to getting things done in less time, one being accountability. If you don’t share the plan, or write it down, it basically doesn’t exist and will never get accomplished. At Rusty Lion Academy, they start new clients off with an extensive preparation questionnaire. Digging deep, they find areas for improvement, noting key strengths and weaknesses, and later pin point where someone needs help the most. It’s super important that they look over the whole person, the whole life if you will, and it’s been categorized into 10 areas. Each area is broken into SMART goals.

Specific – state exactly what you want to accomplish

Measurable – how will you demonstrate and evaluate the extent to which the goal has been met?

Actionable – use action verbs to describe your goals; outline the exact steps

Realistic – success is based on your ability to overcome obstacles; the goal must be a reasonable one

Timely – set a date

Once you write down your goal, put it somewhere you will see it all the time.

These goals apply to both your business and personal life. On the business side, you could set a goal to determine the type of cases you want to draw on, the type of practice to go after specifically, and even the number and/or type of people you will talk to each week. Another good one is “I’m going to delegate (be specific) to whomever by this date”. These are easy and attainable goals.

Start to think about whom you would like to hold you accountable for your new goals.

Tracking your progress! Robert offered up options available if you contact him (see email info below).


  • Jack of All Trades doesn’t work
  • Measuring success can be difficult if you don’t change the way you look at it
  • Separating your life in smaller sections to set goals and priorities properly



  • Find your niche and become the expert
  • Look at work as part of your success, not measuring your success as what you do at work
  • Categorize your goals into: career, friends, educational, money financial, physical health, family, spiritual, fun and recreation, time management, organizational, and community.
  • Rate yourself in those categories. The objective being, you don’t have to achieve a perfect 10/10 on all of them.


For more information on Rusty Lion Academy, or to get in touch with Robert directly, see links below.

Robert also mentioned he has a 45-minute training on how to do goals correctly (specifically for lawyers), so you may want to email him to ask about it.

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Robert’s email is  

This is a transcript of a recorded live presentation. It is in spoken-word format. While we have cleaned up the transcript a bit for easier reading, it’s not in edited written-word format.


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