Power Over Stress

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.51.44 PMHave you ever looked up at the clock, it’s 6pm, and you’re wondering where the day went and what you actually accomplished? As lawyers, we tend to over commit, deal with other people’s problems, and then we have to go home and deal with everything going on there. It’s a very demanding life.

Fast forward to 5 or 10 years later and suddenly you’re getting these symptoms you’ve never had before like headaches, back pain, and migraines. How did you get here? You forgot about YOU, and let work and life, take its toll on you.

Today we’ll cover the importance of managing the body and the mind with Dr. Ken Nedd, a practicing medical doctor, an international keynote speaker, bestselling author, and expert on the areas of stress and happiness. He treats stress related disorders in both one-to-one clinical settings, as well as corporate settings, and specializes in stress and happiness and their impact on health and performance. Dr. Nedd is the author of the Power Over Stress and The Time to Be Happy Is Now. Dr. Nedd’s interest in helping lawyers stems from being married to one.

Here is Dr. Nedd’s diagnosis on the overall health of Lawyers. Don’t worry, it’s followed by some simple everyday remedies.

The Diagnosis

  • 63{cf5d02f31badde63b68d55c0bed56ab5356094abc2057734bc0088249d8536d3} of lawyers who do case law are really stressed; it is much higher than the general population. Lawyers are ranked #1 in the area of depression, anxiety and stress.
  • Physical symptoms are relative to physiological weaknesses, i.e., abdominal pain, irritable bowel, headaches, or worse
  • Work hours/week, predicates job stress, job stress can often lead to myocardial infarction, or heart attack, and strokes; women with a 45+ hour work week are five times as likely to get sick, report stress, and sometimes have miscarriages in their first trimester.
  • Working long hours isn’t the problem but learning to manage your physiology is what’s missing

Take your focusing skills as a lawyer and focus on yourself;

success in health is likelier to lead to work success.

 Remedy and Rx for Success

You can actually train your body so that you will be able to resist the pressures of life from harming the coronary arteries or the immune system. Dr. Nedd calls them the A-B-C-Ds

  • A – Arousal or Awareness of how high the stimulation level is of the activity around you. How is your body responding? As soon as you feel the stress, then tense up your body, make two fists, bring your shoulders up to your ears, inhale through your nose and hold it for 1-2 seconds. As you actually FEEL the tension, then exhale and release the tension. Physiologically, when you tense on the tension, you tense more than the tension itself would have caused. And then you release that tension, you relax way beyond the level than if you just tried to relax. Just be aware and don’t ignore it. Perception is the gateway to stress. If you perceive that you can handle something, it closes the gate to stress.
  • BBreathe in slowly, through your nose. So take a deep breath through your nose, hold it for three seconds, and as you breathe out (through your mouth or nose), use your mind to feel the tension draining out of your body.
  • C – Circulation. Yes, stress causes the blood to move away from your outer extremities. You can help your circulation with these words: “My arms and hands are heavy and warm.” As you say this, do A and B above, you can train yourself to a point you can feel the pulsation in your fingers. That will lower your blood pressure.
  • D – Decide TO BE HAPPY no matter what, because Happiness is the key, Happiness is the prize, and Happiness is the antidote to stress. You can decide to change your mind, whether you win that case or not.

Those are some very simple, yet powerful things you can do within 11 seconds! But keep doing them. Don’t go check your blood pressure today after doing them a few times, get trained in this. Get trained means make it a habit, so you will be calm. Your memory will be better, your judgment, your reasoning and your immune system will all be better because you’re calm and steady in the midst of all that comes and goes. You can do this anywhere and nobody will notice. In court, while with a client, at home, in the car, at a family function – anywhere! You’re worth it.

You can find Dr. Nedd on Facebook and Twitter, for physiological and psychological advice every day, at least—sometimes five times a day.

You can download his (free) book 25 Ways to Stop Stress Now from his website, drnedd.com, but specifically for lawyers, it’s drnedd.com/lawyers. And don’t forget your free audio at poweroverstress.com.

This is a transcript of a recorded live presentation. It is in spoken-word format. While we have cleaned up the transcript a bit for easier reading, it’s not in edited written-word format.

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