Yoga Practices For The Corporate World with Mims Driscoll

Yoga Practices For The Corporate World with Mims Driscoll


In this week’s episode of the Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Mims Driscoll. Mims is a trauma informed yoga specialist and has been practising in the field of spiritual direction for the last twenty years. She’s the CEO and founder of Living Mangaliso. 


  • Who is Mims Driscoll?
  • What is exactly Living Mangaliso?
  • What are the pillars of Mangaliso and how do they interact with each other?
  • How do these principles apply to the corporate world?
  • Are there specific movements in Living Mangaliso’s yoga that helps with trauma?
  • Do you customize the program for certain people based on their needs?



  • Zulu for “You are an an amazement”.
  • Focuses on yoga and yoga healing and helping people work through physical trauma.
  • The three components of yoga are to focus on our bodies, breath, and awareness.
  • Be able to embrace silence, we are almost always surrounded by noise.
  • Mangaliso is about empowering the people involved.
  • You have to evaluate your limiting beliefs and deal with why you don’t feel amazing.
  • There are five components: Recovery, Discovery, Exploration, Expression, and Expansion.
  • We need to learn to trust ourselves, our voice, our expression.


  • Mangaliso and yoga encourages movement and proper posture.
  • Better posture leads to better productivity and an empowered state.
  • Pause during the work day and take a moment to adjust your posture, breath, and place your feet on the floor.
  • Find a place once a day to yell and deeply express yourself.
  • However many times a day you are comfortable with, pause and breath. Three deep breathes.
  • Stopping mid day allows you to reset and recover and that will increase your ability to execute afterwards.
  • Give yourself permission to take time and focus on you and resting and recovering.


  • Traditional yoga thought is to exhaust the person in order to seek stillness in the final pose.
  • Living Mangaliso yoga focuses on a restorative method and slow movements combined with breath work.
  • It’s about giving permission to people to slow down.
  • Focus on health and wellbeing is important, it will make you a better employee or CEO.

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