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In this week’s episode of The Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Mimika Cooney, who is known as the go-to video marketing expert. She is a TV host, interviewer, videographer, award-winning photographer, and an online marketing strategist. During the show, Sam and Mimika discuss video platforms, getting started, the ‘About Me’ video, tips for shooting, content ideas, and repurposing content.


Main Questions Asked:

  • What should I think about if I’m new to video?
  • Talk about using video for creating partnerships.
  • What is the first step in making videos?


Key Lessons Learned:

  • When you don’t have anything, you make it, fix it, or create it.
  • If you have a product or service you are trying to sell, you have to put yourself out there regardless of what it is.
  • Give people a reason to connect with you so they can know, like, and trust you.



  • 78{cf5d02f31badde63b68d55c0bed56ab5356094abc2057734bc0088249d8536d3} of traffic on the internet is now from videos.
  • A lot the technology is now free, so it’s accessible for you to make your own content.
  • You want to make your content look good, but they are staying for you and not necessarily the productions values.


Video Platforms


  • App on your phone where your videos are live.
  • This is free and connected to your Twitter feed.
  • This is a one-way conversation, and people can comment, but you don’t see or hear them.


  • This is available on desktop computers.
  • This is a free platform where you can have a live video show interact with the audience.
  • The audience can join the conversation, and you can see and hear them.
  • Repurpose your videos and upload to your YouTube channel.


Getting Started in Video

  • Know your client avatar and where they hang out.
  • ‘Done’ is better than ‘perfect,’ so at least try and start with a video on your phone.


‘About Me’ Video

  • The most visited video on most websites is on the ‘About Me’ page.
  • Video is the next best thing to meeting you in person.
  • Start with the ‘About Me’ video that should be on your website.
  • This video can be as short as one minute.
  • This is beneficial to clients from a psychological standpoint, as they can see you and hear your voice, get an idea of your body language, and see if you connect.


Tips For Shooting Videos

  • Always face the light, don’t have light behind you.
  • Make sure the sound is good, and buy a cheap lavaliere microphone on Amazon if necessary.
  • If you’re not embarrassed by the first video you do, then you waited too long to do it.


Creating Video Content 

  • Create a YouTube channel, and direct people there.
  • Online summits are a great way to build your audience by gaining access to other people’s audiences.
  • Create videos on your Facebook page, as they are favoring video.


Video Ideas

  • Answer your clients Q&A.
  • Client testimonials.
  • ‘About Me’ video.


Repurpose Video Content

  • Create blog posts.
  • Create e-book. 

80/20 of Video 

  • Spend 20{cf5d02f31badde63b68d55c0bed56ab5356094abc2057734bc0088249d8536d3} of your time creating the video and 80{cf5d02f31badde63b68d55c0bed56ab5356094abc2057734bc0088249d8536d3} of the time promoting it.
  • Repetition is okay, as people are on different platforms and behave differently.



  • Always direct your audience to your website where you own and control all your content.
  • Even though you have videos, you still have to use other strategies.
  • Reverse engineer and know exactly who you are targeting.


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