Entrepreneurship and the Law with John Corcoran

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In this week’s episode of The Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews John Corcoran, who handles matters in general civil litigation, real estate, and land use, and provides advice and counseling to small businesses. John is a former White House aide, having served during the Clinton administration, and was a speechwriter in the California Governor’s office during the Davis administration. John believes in leveraging the power of personal relationships in disputes. In addition to his law practice, John runs Smart Business Revolution. During this episode, Sam and John discuss entrepreneurship and the law, law as a service business, the conversation list, and learning to network.


Main Questions Asked:

  • What were the obstacles you faced in growing your practice?
  • Where did Smart Business Revolution come from?
  • What do you recommend in terms of learning to network?
  • What networking things have helped with your success?


Key Lessons Learned:

Law as a Service Business

  • Practicing law is a service-based business, which has three components to it.
  1. Lead generation
  2. Conversion
  3. Fulfillment
  • It’s important to stay above the curve and try to take your skillset to different areas to help generate different revenue streams.
  • Technology is having an impact on different types of careers, and will have an impact on the legal profession.
  • Additional revenue streams allow you to be more selective in the clients.



  • The biggest challenge was getting clients through the door when starting out with inexperience and not having a client base to draw upon.
  • John found providing value to senior attorneys in his area to be beneficial to growing his business. Business will flow to the senior attorneys that aren’t a good fit for them.



  • John found writing to be a great way to establish his name early on such as in the local Bar Association newsletter.
  • Choose one organization that is a good fit, and deepen your involvement. This will be a better use of your time than joining many groups and only being partially involved.


Learning to Network 

  • If you are having a difficult time at a certain event, then maybe you are at the wrong event.
  • If you continue to go to the same event, don’t enjoy it, and it doesn’t produce results, then go to a different event.
  • People who are in your existing network that already know, like, and trust you are great opportunities.
  • Often the solution to networking is reconnecting with those who you are no longer top of mind.


The Conversations List

  • These are the 50 people you would like to build or deepen a relationship with over the course of the next 12 months.
  • The list will include past clients, referrals, colleagues, lawyers in your community, and aspirational connections.
  • Attorneys often look at the big picture and get the feeling of overwhelm.
  • If you focus on connecting with one person per day for just 10 minute, by the end of the year you will have reached out to 365 people.



  • These are a live speech done in an online forum.
  • Webinars allow anyone in the world with an internet connection to attend.
  • This format is cheap and has a scope to scale for a huge audience.


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