Branding and Rebranding with Heather Suttie

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In this week’s episode of The Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Heather Suttie, who is a legal marketing and business development consultant, legal markets observer, and change agent. Her proven results help lawyers increase brand recognition, market share, revenue, and profit. During this episode, Sam and Heather discuss branding and rebranding, establishing uniqueness, resistance, and law firm marketing. 

Main Questions Asked:

  • Is there a methodology or hierarchy in establishing a firm’s uniqueness?
  • When establishing a brand, do you often run into resistance?
  • Once one has decided on the branding, what’s next?
  • What are the tactics or strategies to get started?

 Key Lessons Learned:

 Marketing and Business Development

  • Marketing is about putting yourself and your firm out there and getting yourself known.
  • Business development is about nurturing the right relationships that are going to be mutually beneficial.
  • Examine the traits that make a firm unique in the market and be brave enough to declare those and be recognized for it.


Branding and Rebranding

  • Your brand is what other people say you are.
  • Perception is reality when it comes to branding.
  • It is helpful to have conversations with both the attorneys and the clients.
  • Your clients will tell you who you are much more succinctly than you will.
  • Your brand isn’t simply your logo; that is just your visual identity.
  • Branding is who you are and how you present yourself.
  • It is about your reputation and who you are.


Establishing Uniqueness

  • What are the transferable skills?
  • What is the firm known for?
  • What can the firm expand into?
  • Who are the clients?
  • Who is the firm as a whole and as individuals?



  • Sometimes resistance is based on fear, as change is difficult and most of us don’t welcome it.


Law Firm Marketing

Write a Blog

  • Even before someone is in touch with you they will have looked you up online. They will also do this after they talk to you to confirm.
  • Your writing will be short and in a conversational style, which is much more attractive to prospective clients than legalese.
  • Blogging is a way to impart ideas and opinions rather than lengthy white papers.
  • Blogs give people an insight into the person rather than the lawyer.
  • Blogging allows you to incorporate audio and visual, as well as words, and allows you to recommend other sites.
  • Even if you can’t help a client directly, to be able to be seen as a connector is a huge value to both the person you are helping and the person you are referring them to.


Internal Seminars

  • Conduct a seminar in your own firm rather than going outside and being a participant where there are many speakers.
  • To be able to present your own seminar to your own clients and prospects is of huge value.
  • This allows clients to see who else you work with.
  • The cost is low for this type of marketing and can be a coffee or lunch.


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