Marketing Approaches with Heather Havenwood

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In this week’s episode of The Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Heather Ann Havenwood, who is the CEO of Havenwood Worldwide and founder of Sexy Boss Incorporated.  Heather is an Amazon bestselling author, podcaster, speaker, and serial entrepreneur.  During this episode, Sam and Heather discuss marketing approaches, the marketing ‘free line,’ consistency of message, why proximity is power, and how being a lawyer and entrepreneur is one in the same.


Key Lessons Learned:

Marketing Approach

  • Approach your marketing from an abundance point of view.
  • Provide as much free content as possible without the fear of giving away your services.
  • Your services might not immediately be retained through the provision of free content, but the prospect will remember the value that was supplied.


The Marketing ‘Free Line’

  • The marketing ‘free line’ is counterintuitive for humans, but in marketing and sales it is the most positive thing you can do.
  • This is moving the ‘free line’ back to giving information, tactics, and tips.
  • The information marketing overload on the web wasn’t necessarily moved, as the process was content in exchange for an email.
  • The more you move the ‘free line’ back and the more you provide, the more you will attract.


Consistency of Message

  • How we consume media has changed, but humans haven’t.
  • The consistency of the message is key, as is the time of the day.
  • The power of email marketing today involves consistent client touching and social media.
  • You can be more frequent than you think, because we are used to it as a society.


Proximity is Power

  • Put yourself in a position to know people who can be a mentor and help raise you.
  • Never stay where your presence is not valued.
  • Seek to be uplifted rather than seek approval.


Lawyers are Entrepreneurs

  • There are a number of ways to leverage skills and content.
  • Avoid the minutiae and focus on consistency


LinkedIn for Lawyers

  • The place to do well in is LinkedIn.
  • Think of it as a long resume, and show you are a human being and not just knowledge.
  • You are doing business with the person, not the law.
  • People do business with people, and they want to trust that you have the knowledge.


Common Problems & Solutions

  • The number one challenge people have is getting out of their own way, and not the lack of knowledge or desire.
  • It’s not the action that causes the issue; it’s the mindset around it.
  • Not giving yourself permission to fail is not allowing yourself to fail forward.
  • If you aren’t embarrassed by your first project, then you waited too long to release it.


Attorney Tips

  • Who is the person you consistently represent, and who is it you want to represent?
  • Reverse engineer and find where they hang out.


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