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In this week’s episode of The Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Gerry Oginski, who is a medical malpractice attorney based in New York. Gerry has been a solo practitioner since 2002 and has created more than 2,100 educational law videos. During this episode, Sam and Gerry discuss video marketing, education-based marketing, providing information in advance, common problems, and the first steps for creating your own video.


Main Questions Asked:


  • Talk about how you decided to move into video marketing.
  • What is the advantage of getting information out there in advance of a client coming into the office?
  • Tell us about the Lawyers Video Studio.
  • What are common problem lawyers have when creating videos?
  • What are the first steps for creating videos?
  • Can you create videos using an iPhone?


Key Lessons Learned:

Education-Based Marketing

  • This was designed for articles and blog posts, and has migrated to video.
  • Teaching your ideal client and consumer information they need to learn about. E.g. “Three things you need to know if you are injured at work.”


Marketing Activities

  • You have an obligation to do the marketing activities you believe will generate calls as a result of your efforts, as long as you stay within your ethical boundaries.
  • It’s hypercritical you have read the rules in your state.


Information in Advance

  • You need to get into the mindset of someone searching for an attorney.
  • Referrals are the best way to find an attorney, but for those who don’t have that, people go online and search.
  • What are people looking for, and why? They have a legal problem and need either answers or to learn more about their legal problem.
  • If the attorney can answer the questions of the potential client, it shows that the attorney has the information, experience, and knows what works in previous cases.
  • Offering information and advice is a way to stand out from competitors who handle the same type of cases as you.
  • While clients are looking and learning through your content, they are developing trust with you.
  • An attorney who creates useful information is more likely to generate a call than those who offer a free consultation.


Common Problems

1) The mechanical aspect of physically doing the video.

  • This is wholly teachable.

2) The content they are putting out online.

  • There is a disconnect between what attorneys think clients want to know and what they actually need to know.
  • Attorneys aren’t focusing on who the video is for and how the message is generating trust with the ideal client.


Stop Talking About Yourself

  • Saying how great you are isn’t what drives people to call. Instead, eliminate, “I, me, my, my firm, and our firm.”
  • Your ideal client doesn’t care about you, so don’t talk about yourself.
  • Focus on your client and what they need to know.
  • Change the focus, and your marketing message will change.
  • Become a teacher and not a salesperson.
  • Your goal is to teach them before they meet you in person.


First Steps

  • Don’t just think about creating a couple of articles or videos, but rather do it on an ongoing, consistent basis.
  • Put aside 15 minutes to write a timeline of every step from the moment a new client calls the office to the very end.
  • The timeline forms the basis for creating content for every piece of marketing you do from now on.
  • Create a video for each segment of the litigation process.
  • Every week, take another 15 minutes to identify each topic area to talk about.


Tips for Using an iPhone

  • Hold the phone horizontally, not vertically
  • Don’t use the built in microphone. Add a lavaliere mic.
  • Place the phone on a tripod.
  • Clients think the quality of the video relates to the quality of your legal abilities.
  • You will still need lighting, audio, and good images.
  • Start with an iPhone, and see what happens.
  • As you get more proficient, you can always upgrade.


Creating Systems

  • Batch-create up to10 videos at a time; this will allow for advanced scheduling.
  • Drip out the content on a weekly or daily basis.


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