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In this week’s episode of the Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Dave Frees. Dave runs several companies including Success Technologies and Business Black Ops. His experience has exposed him to leaders, communicators, and influencers from across the world. He uses his experience to teach leadership, sales and marketing, and influence to his audience.


  • What is enhanced communication?
  • What are force multipliers?
  • How can attorneys apply force multipliers in their practice?
  • How do you manage to do everything you do and also practice law?
  • What kind of team do you have working with you and how did you build it?


Enhanced Communication

  • Science is giving us a better idea why certain communication strategies work over others.
  • Disagreeing right at the start is the wrong approach to negotiating.
  • There are certain steps you can take to change someone’s opinion or position.
  • Start with agreeing with them and presupposing the change.
  • Pique their curiosity by asking them what would it be like if the opposite of their position was true.
  • This method, influence instead of persuasion, is more in line with our biological way of thinking.
  • Persuasion is manipulation like all communication. It’s the tactics we use to change the way people think. Influence is persuasion combined with trust that you have the person’s best interest in mind.
  • Most people don’t have a deep understanding of what they want and so when asked, tend to lie by omission.


  • Successful marketing involves asking your audience constantly for feedback.
  • More information allows you to better serve your audience and customers.
  • Even when you know what someone may need you may not be able to give it to them.
  • Experts tend to take for granted about how much they know that they forget how the client feels about it.
  • Proposing a solution has to be done in the language of the client.

Force Multipliers

  • A force multiplier is a technology or technique that allows you to achieve much more with fewer resources.
  • You can take strategies and techniques from other areas of life like the military and use them in your business and marketing.
  • Gathering intelligence on what your client’s are interested in via social media and using that to customize the way you communicate with them is a force multiplier.
  • Technology like a client relationship manager is a powerful way to create a better connection with your existing clients. This increases the odds of them referring you to new clients.
  • If you find yourself saying that you have tried something and it didn’t work, reassess, you probably haven’t.

Blocked Time

  • Dave sets aside a block of time each day for him to work on his business instead of in it. It typically involves activities that are on a high, strategic level.
  • If you want to achieve you need to set aside time for yourself and be strict about your schedule.
  • Do the small things each day, and over time you will achieve things that would seem insurmountable at the start.
  • Start your thinking from where you want to be and work backwards.

Building a Team

  • You can’t do everything on your own nor should you try.
  • Building a team you can trust to make intelligent decisions frees you up to pursue strategic plans.
  • Take responsibility and train your team for leadership.
  • Hire slow and fire fast. Do a pre-hire assessment and a post-hire assessment.

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