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In this week’s episode of The Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Alex Valencia, who is the co-owner and sales director of We Do Web Content. Alex’s passion is to increase clients’ potential with the use of online marketing and organic content. Alex has direct experience with finance, online marketing, and strategic account management. During this episode, Sam and Alex discuss why content is king, common technical and content problems and solutions, and content best practices.


Main Questions Asked:

  • What do you mean when you say none of the website’s success was due to SEO?
  • Why is ‘content is king’ synonymous with how websites work?
  • Are there common issues with regards to law websites?
  • What tips do you give someone who wants to bolster content?
  • What is a lead magnet?
  • How do you nurture readers’ interest?


Key Lessons Learned:

Organic Content


  • Organic content is an online article that is organic in nature and provides good quality content.
  • Content was written for the user with organic traffic in mind for the website.
  • Organic content helps with rankings when doing Google searches.


Why Content is King

  • Content is what drives search engines.
  • Search engines exist to provide the best website page option to the user’s question.
  • The business owner’s job is to ensure that content is on the website.
  • Make sure you are the lawyer that is offering the content that people are looking for.
  • Not all content will drive massive traffic, but all it takes is one client who is looking for what you are offering.
  • Google favors websites that are building up a themed-based site on niche expertise.


Common Problems (Technical)

  • Bad links: Google will penalize any black hat activity.
  • Timing: If site is loading too slowly.
  • Too many images or video: This will slow the page down and dampen the user experience.


Common Problems & Solutions (Content)

  • Clients just put the base information such as company name, email, phone, and a bio.
  • Think broadly, then go specific on each area of specialty.
  • Metatags are the description you tell the page E.g. page title, heading, and content. Make sure these are relevant to your keywords.
  • Talking too much about yourself is an issue. Instead, write about the user, as they have the problem and looking for a solution.
  • People want to know that you understand their problem and can fix it.
  • Always write naturally and include keywords in your content.


Content Best Practices

  • Create a plan.
  • Think about the theme of your site and what questions your clients are asking and which answers they are seeking.
  • Use your family and friends to provide feedback by asking, “If you were looking for an attorney, would this be answering your questions?”
  • Start getting on social media to share content: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.
  • Use SEMrush and BuzzSumo for research on keywords.
  • If you want to target to a particular niche and type of person, you either have to write to them or pay for access to them.


Lead Magnet

  • A lead magnet is often a free content offer used to capture user information and add them to the e-mail list.
  • The list should include the user’s phone number and email so you can continue to market to them.
  • Continued marketing when you have a list is huge. Users may not need you now, but if you continue to market, they will make contact when the time comes, as you will be top of mind.
  • Once people go through the funnel for a lead magnet, they fall into the newsletter list to get a monthly email.



  • Once you start getting traffic, you want to keep it.
  • One blog post per week is a good maintenance level but won’t drive traffic.
  • If you want to start driving traffic, you should blog something meaningful a few times per week.
  • When search engine spiders crawl your site, they want to see items that are new and updated in order to rank you better.

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