Overcoming the Hurdle of Your First Client Meeting

When starting a law firm, one has many milestones to overcome. One of the biggest difficulties that many face is getting over any initial client meeting anxiety. The process is both exciting and overwhelming. It is important to be prepared as much as possible. A solid battle plan will help to achieve this. Check out these tips for overcoming those first meeting anxieties.

How to Approach Your First Law Firm Client Meeting with Ease

Be Ready

Gather any information you have about the client and read through it. Have it in front of you during the meeting, along with any questions you may have.
Study your client and find out who he is. Find out about their business, their issues and questions before the meeting if at all possible. This not only will help to better prepare you for the meeting but will also show your client that you truly have the interest in their needs and will give them confidence in moving forward with your law firm services.
Spend 15 minutes reviewing this information before the meeting.

Be Professional

Your first impression is huge. You need to do your best to make a great one!
Look professional. Believe it or not, your appearance says a lot about how you handle your work. As you develop a relationship with the client, if you need to meet with them in-between your child’s sporting events, you can get away with showing up in sneakers and jeans, but for the first meeting, always be polished and professional.
It is also important to act professionally. Offer a strong handshake, engage with them while listening and make eye contact.

Be On Time

Whether you meet with them in your office or at a coffee shop, be prepared to be a few minutes early and ready to begin on time. Your client’s time is valuable. You want him to see that you are prepared and professional.

Plan an Outline

In order to stay on track, plan to be as efficient as possible with your client’s time. Draw up a tentative agenda in order to help guide your meeting, touching on key points your client shared with you as well as any possible answers you have or alternatives.
This will not only benefit your client (since they are paying you for the time it takes to meet with them) but will benefit you. This shows your client that you are professional and efficient, which will enable you to earn their trust more easily with future projects.

Find Out Your Clients Expectations and Meet Them

This is huge. Find out what your client expects from you. Discuss anything you may not be able to deliver to them while assuring him that you will do your best to meet his needs. This helps to strengthen the bond of confidence between the two of you.
When the meeting is over, address any further questions or concerns your client has. Thank your client for meeting you and let the client know when you plan to follow-up by. Also be sure to shake his hand once more and assure him that you have everything covered. Don’t leave him with any room for doubt!

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