One-Touch Practice

Make Decisions and Take Action

As you know, I’m a big fan of adopting habits and practices that allow me to increase my productivity.

The more efficient I am in my performance, the less time a task takes, and thus the less stress I experience.

And that’s what we’re all about.  Creating as stress-free a law practice as possible.

So, on that note, I’m coming at you today with another simple yet powerfully effective productivity tip that you can apply immediately.

It’s called the one-touch principle.

As the name implies, it means you approach any task, piece of paper, email, scheduling requirement, dirty dishes or laundry, one time, and one time only.

What’s great about it, is that there is no extra work involved to implement it. You just need to fine tune how you approach the tasks in your day.

Practically Speaking

So, what does this look like on a practical level?

Rather than continually re-evaluating a task, you make a decision the first time you encounter it.

The more often you postpone making a decision or taking action, the more time you end up wasting each time you interface with it.

This time can really add up, and your to-do list continually builds.  This will eventually lead to overwhelm and stress.

It’s all about taking immediate action, and the key is to have a process to handle each type of task.

If a task is going to take five minutes or less, do it then and there.

If it is going to take longer, you need to quickly evaluate it, which includes deciding whether you should even do it all.

I find it helpful to keep both a digital inbox, as well as one on my desk for tasks that are longer than five-minutes.

This keeps everything organized in central locations.

Create Processes and Automation

I really like this flow chart put out by

Touch It Once Flow Chart

Until you have ingrained this habit, you can use the chart to process each task as it comes in and decide whether it needs to be done, delegated or placed in the inbox.

It is a highly effective graphic, and I guarantee that you will relish in the rewards of more time and less stress.

Final Thoughts

Remember that with any new habit, it will take a bit of time to become fully ingrained to the point where you don’t have to think about it.

Use the flow chart to get you started, and once you have your automations established, you will be able to enjoy a much more efficient work place.

This will take you one step closer to having less stress in your law practice.

Until next time!

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