Morning Routines For Successful Day

Morning Routines For Successful People

As the Law Practice Doctor, I’m always looking for ways to bring helpful strategies to independent lawyers so they can be more productive and successful, and still live a life that they enjoy.

Having a morning routine has helped me in my own professional path, as it has for countless other highly productive and successful people.

Let’s take a look at some habits and strategies that you will want to consider incorporating into your own routine.

The Night Before

Having a successful morning truly begins the night before.

Take the time to plan out your most important tasks and schedule them into your calendar.  This way, when you get to the office or sit down at your desk, you know exactly where you need to start.

The night before also includes ensuring you get to bed early enough to get an adequate amount of sleep to power you through your day.

This really can’t be overlooked.

Turn those screens off well before you need to, and keep a journal on hand in case you need to off-load thoughts that won’t leave your mind.

Get Up Early

The earlier you get up each day, the more productive time you are going to have.

It’s a rather simple concept, but we all know how difficult it can be sometimes to drag ourselves out of our warm beds.

I set my alarm clock at a distance so I can’t just reach out and hit the snooze bar.

These early hours are usually free of social distractions, and the quiet will help you focus in on your important tasks and be most productive.


When you first wake up, you are usually partially dehydrated, so get some water into you right away.

Getting in that H2O before you eat means its going to get through your system that much quicker.

Proper hydration will positively effect your energy and mental capacity, as well as stimulate your digestive system and get your appetite going.


Getting your body moving first thing in the morning is going to get the blood and oxygen flowing, which is what your brain needs to be most effective.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an intense barbell pushing episode.  This could be some dynamic stretching or a cardio-blast.

What you are looking for is to stimulate your system, get rid of any sluggishness, and get you pumped for the productive day to come.

Eat a Solid Breakfast

Your brain and body need the healthy calories to do what you are going to demand of them.

Successful people know this and make sure to get the nutrition they need to carry them throughout the day.

Give Yourself Some Personal Time

Another common element to the morning routines of successful people, is the time they give to themselves.

Whether that be to read, meditate, listen to motivational material, or simply walk the dog.

Whatever it is that they need for their own personal enjoyment, they give some time for, so consider doing the same.

Eat the Frog

Have you heard this expression?

It means to take advantage of your early morning willpower and focus and to do your hardest task first, i.e., the frog.

This way, you are more likely to get it done and can then move on to the easier tasks for the day.

Closing Thoughts

It’s a simple formula really.  Recognize what successful people do, and emulate it.

Across the board, consistent morning routines play a part in the lives of those who have found success at what they do.

So, if you want to have a successful independent law firm and still have a life, consider adopting the habits we looked at in today’s article.

Until next time!

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