Marketing For Your Independent Law Practice – Referrals

Referrals Will Build Your Firm

There are many marketing strategies that any lawyer can put to use to grow their independent law firm.

One that shouldn’t be overlooked is making the best use of referrals.

These can be referrals from your current or previous clients as well as from other lawyers in your field.

Let’s look at some common things that you can do to build your referral network effectively.

Ensure Top Quality Client Care

For the new or newer attorney, the best source of business is going to be your current clients, so you need to leverage them and your relationships with them.

Clients will go out of their way to refer you to the people that they know if they have been treated with top-quality service.

I have written on some of these steps in a previous article on client care that you can read here.

The first thing is to ensure you have the right mindset when it comes to how you view your clients.  I strongly suggest you embrace the concept of lifetime value of a client and think long-term.

The success of your firm is all about nurturing relationships with people.

You are building a career and not just trying to make this month’s rent, so the person who pays you

$1K today may over their lifetime provide you with business and referrals of $50K.

Remember, provide world-class service and you will keep the clients you have and attract new ones through their networks.

Referrals From Other Lawyers

Approach this with the mindset that if you help enough people, they will be willing to help you.

Do a good job of informing other lawyers of what your ideal client looks like so they can do a better job of recognizing them.

I suggest you put it in writing and let them know the best way to make that referral to you.

You can prepare a booklet or letter that outlines the referral system and information and get it into the hands of attorneys you know.

You can also deliver the letter to attorneys you don’t know.  This is showing that you can help them by handling existing clients and those that they are turning away.

If the referral attorney is new on your list, make sure to check up on them and build a relationship so that when they need someone who does what you do, you’ll be the one that they call.

Closing Thoughts

When you think of clients rather than cases, you put the focus on the experience your customers have when working with you.

And when you put a focus on helping your colleagues, you are demonstrating that you are not just in it for yourself.

These two mind-sets are the foundations for building a great referral network that will keep you and your law practice in business for the long haul.

Until next time!

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