Marketing For A Law Firm

The advent of the internet, and with it the explosion of online marketing opportunities, is changing the way law firms attract new clients and gain exposure. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the power of word-of-mouth.

Oftentimes, the go to response to the awareness of this powerful marketing ally, is to network at events and hand out business cards. But is this really a valuable expenditure of your time? If you are already busy with a caseload, how many events do you even have time to attend?

Is there a perhaps better way to harness the power of word-of-mouth advertising? Well, there is, and it is also a tried and true process that is likely to never go away. We are talking about quality customer service.

This isn’t as simple as you might think, and we’re not just talking about firm handshakes, and picking up a lunch tab. You may want to consider putting more energy into this, and less into classic notions of networking, so let’s explore why.

Marketing For a Law Firm – Diagnosis

Law firms, especially when they are starting up, or when they are small independent practices, need to invest time and money in finding new clients in order to get those billable hours. Many still suggest networking as the go to practice, but are you really building quality relationships in this environment?

Most people at these events are there for the same reason you are, and are likely not even actively listening to what you might be saying. Their eyes may be looking at you, but they’re probably just waiting to make their own pitch to you and make a sale of their own.

Marketing For a Law Firm – Remedy

In order to be successful, and that includes having the time to enjoy the money you are making, we need to be efficient with our time investments. You need consistent client flow, so you do need to spend some time, energy and money marketing. Why not put it where it can have the greatest effect: your current clients. So how to do marketing for a law firm?

Let Your Super Fans Talk For You

We all know the power of reviews at this point, Amazon has proved that very well. And what we have come to see, is that when someone is extremely pleased and satisfied with the service they have received, they will go out of their way to talk about it.

If you service your clients so well that they want to rave about you, they will do your marketing for you. This of course has an exponential effect. They already have trust built with their relationships to their family and friends, so whatever they say about you will be better received than anything you could say yourself.

It should go without saying that quality service also creates loyalty, which means repeat clients as well as referrals. Think of your law practice as your own personal brand and nurture and protect that brand’s reputation.

Marketing For A Law Firm

Focus On Your Specialty

Devoting your energy to your particular niche, and targeting your ideal clients is a very effective method in creating satisfied customers. Working with your ideal client will raise your level of service, and thus they will feel like their needs have been well met.

If you are too generic and broad with your services, you won’t be able to provide that focused expertise, and you are less likely to be viewed as an expert on any particular aspect of law. Knowing your niche inside and out will make it far easier for you to provide the exemplary service that is going to create the results you are after.

Back to the Basics

In the name of due diligence, let’s quickly run through some of the essential features of good service.

Genuine and authentic friendliness.

Hopefully, this is your natural state of being. If you recognize that this is something you need to work on, try practicing meditations of gratitude in your life and do whatever you can to reduce your stress. If that means getting a massage once a week, go ahead and do that. It can be hard to be friendly if you are in pain and tense all the time, so do what you have to do.

Say Thank You
And do it with a handwritten card. This is a personal touch that everyone will recognize and appreciate. It doesn’t take long to do, but it will always be well received. You are showing your clients that you genuinely appreciate them and their business.

Staff Management

Make sure you take the time to ensure that your staff is on the same page as you, and understands the value you are trying to introduce into your practice. See that they have the skills and resources to handle or troubleshoot issues that may come up, and that they know how to speak in any given situation. The investment of time here will be well worth it. You want your clients to feel that quality care from every angle of your firm.

Practice Active Listening

This means emptying your mind when someone is speaking with you and truly listening to what they are saying. This doesn’t mean being quiet while waiting for your own turn to speak. Genuinely give your attention and awareness to what is being said to you. People can feel this energy and will know they are being heard.

Be Responsive

This means answering all<Format: Italics> your calls and emails, and preferably within 24 hours. This is a cornerstone of quality service and cannot be overlooked. Nobody wants to be ignored and if you don’t respond quickly, you may very well miss out on that opportunity, as they move on to someone who will get back to them. Allow me to challenge you on this, as it truly is vital.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully you have found some tips and advice that you can use to continue to build success in your own firm by doing marketing for your law firm. If you have any questions or comments, or anything you would like to add, please do leave them and join in the conversation. Until next time!

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