The Why and How of Law Practice Blog: Starting A Blog for Your Law Firm

The advertisement has changed drastically over the past few years. Most law practices don’t drop the entirety of their budgets that have been devoted to marketing into traditional advertising methods any longer. This is due to the fact that content marketing has overtaken the marketing world. Because of this, a strong law firm online presence is vital for your firm’s ability to reach potential clients. One of the best ways to get your foot in the door is by starting a law practice blog.

Blogs are being used across the globe by law firms. Nearly 85 percent of law firms now have blogs. If you are behind on the times, now is a great time to grab the horse by the reigns and get on board!

How Does A Law Practice Blog Help My Law Firm Online Presence?

Let’s look at how clients find firms to address this question. Typically, most of us rely on Google for finding businesses and services that we need. When a prospective client wants to find a service in a specific area of expertise, they will type in the type of niche as well as words like “law firm” or something that correlates to it.

More often than not, firms that have blogs with keywords specific to an area of expertise almost always show up on the initial page of the search. This helps to increase visibility for your firm by encouraging a strong law firm online presence.

Not only does it help to bring your web page to the forefront of the world of many law firms but it helps to create a portfolio of posts that show your firm is a credible source with experience in the area of specialty.

Tips on How to Develop A Strong Law Firm Online Presence Through law A Law Practice Blog

  • Focus on certain areas of expertise in order to build a following of prospective clients and peers.
  • Provide well-thought-out and high quality content that is representative of your views.
  • Offer valuable insights and information that encourages readership and encourages new client relationships
  • Law practice blog often. Try to post a new post each week.
  • Create an editorial calendar with topics that are scheduled for each week.
  • Use graphics to engage your readers.
  • Make use of web metrics like Google Analytics. This helps you to track which posts are most popular and attracted the most discussion. It will also shine the light on which subjects perform at the lowest level for your law firm.
  • Use keyword-rich content.
  • Don’t give legal advice on your law practice blog!
  • Be Consistent! Don’t start it then give up. It may take time for you to see results but it will surely help to build a strong law firm online presence and your efforts will pay off.

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