Why Law Firm Video Marketing is Super Important


Law Firm Video MarketingThis past year in digital marketing has seen a rise in video content. From Facebook Live to YouTube accounts, and Instagram as well, video marketing has been the core of success when it comes to businesses reaching a wider, more diverse audience. When it comes to the specifics of law firm video marketing, many people tend to think the way video content is created cannot help those who work in the world of the law. However, it’s been proven time and time again that law firm video marketing can be immensely helpful, successful, and can help broaden the scope of people that your business is aiming to reach.

With how powerful video content has become in 2019, it’s absolutely essential that all business owners are looking to video marketing as a suitable and viable option for their social media marketing strategies. The options are limitless, and the opportunities that law firm video marketing can open for your business are worth the investment you’ll want to start immediately. Currently, over 500 million people view video content on Facebook daily, and YouTube’s user count is rising by the second. Take advantage of that massive audience with law firm video marketing.

Brand Awareness

Through video content, you can raise the level of brand awareness that your business has. Articles that list the best things about what you can do are often overlooked, due to people not having the time to read through massive blocks of text. Instead, turn that article into a short video. Explain in words and visuals why your company is the best option for potential clients, and make sure you show them these benefits in person. Law firm video marketing is all about showing your audience your workplace and giving off a personal vibe that makes your business more trustworthy.

Build Client Trust

Tying in with brand awareness is fostering an important connection of trust between your business, and your clients. Law firm video marketing allows you to bring your office directly to the people that are interested in your services. People can read whatever they’d like on the internet, sometimes things are more factual than others. Unfortunately, it’s not always the best way to gauge how well a potential client can and will mesh with your business. Through video content, the client can see first hand the steps you take to ensure that they’re getting the best deal possible, as well as top tier customer service that will close the deal. Trust is one of the most important parts of the consumer and seller relationship, and law firm video marketing can help close that gap with ease.

Teach Your Audience

When it comes to the differences of the right brain and the left brain, the right strives for visual connections in order to fully grasp situations that are given to them. In the case of law firm video marketing, businesses have a real chance to teach their audience all about what they can do in the best way possible: through example. With a piece of video, as opposed to a written review or explanation, audiences can see first hand how business is taken care of at the office. This can settle any first impression nerves or doubts that clients may have about the business, while also letting the audience understand what you do on a very basic level.

Generate Brand Loyalty

Law Firm Video Marketing: A Guide

A huge part of being a successful business is establishing connections with clients that return time and time again. Brand loyalty is one of the biggest recipes to success, and law firm video marketing can enable that success for your business as well. In order to cultivate the environment that generates the idea of loyalty, you’ll want to harness the power of video content, and video marketing. Allow your clients to get to know your staff, and who they are outside of their official business title. This gives your business a personal touch and offers a chance for people to make connections outside of a service they need. Accessibility and personality is just as important as anything else.


Speaking of accessibility, law firm video marketing is a wonderful option in terms of reaching a wider scope of people. Not everyone can do everything perfectly, and video content offers people a chance to engage with a business in ways that maybe they couldn’t before. With visuals, subtitle options, and limitless platforms, videos allow people to see things with more clarity than just the written word. Additionally, videos can be accessed on a variety of websites, as well as nearly all social media platforms. Uploading video content is easy to do, and using this freedom to your businesses advantage can allow you to reach out to an audience on nearly any platform you choose. Don’t limit your business and, instead, dare yourself to branch out.

Varied Formats Welcome

The content you create when you invest in law firm video marketing is limitless. There’s no real format you have to follow, nor is there a strict set of rules that you must obey. When it comes to video content, there’s a variety of options you can use to create something uniquely amazing! For instance, you can turn a Frequently Asked Questions page into a video, where you can fully explain in person the things that first-time clients need to know going into a business deal. Additionally, there are other options that fit the bill—testimonials, where past and present clients can give their review of the business, can be converted into a video that helps garner interest from future clients. As previously stated, large blocks of text can be tiring for someone just looking for answers. Indulge and turn your written content into video content for an easily accessible piece of marketing that will bring you success.

Show Your Personality

Law firm video marketing is an easy way to showcase who you are as a business. Your brand message should be strong, and you want to make sure that you’re giving your clients the right feeling when they first click onto your website. However, a touch of something personal can give you the upper hand on being humanized. Sometimes, bigger corporations have a hard time engaging with clients on a one on one level, due to the fact that they can’t really put a face to the brand. With video content, your face is right there for all your clients to see. By offering your audience a chance to see who you are as a business owner and a person, you’re humanizing your brand in a way that garners people’s trust. You want to make sure that your customers are always first, and showing who you are inviting them into your office with ease.

Mobile Friendly

With how far the world of smart technology has advanced, it’s important to remember that the content you’re creating for your marketing strategies is mobile friendly. Therefore, it’s good to know that video content is always mobile friendly. When it comes to things like YouTube and Facebook video, social media applications for mobile smartphones work in a way that allows video consumption to be extremely accessible. Your law firm video marketing will work wonderfully on the go, which is important when your potential audience is part of the massive percentage of people that use their mobile phone for most of their internet browsing. Maintain a sense of accessibility, and know that your video content can be seen by anyone, from anywhere.

Lead Generation

From a pure marketing standpoint, it’s important to note how successful video content is in pushing your audience towards a call to action on a landing page. Videos, in their simplicity, don’t have to belong in order to get the job done. Take parts from your best articles and blog pieces, convert them into smaller segments, and record them for an amazing piece of video content that you can share across social media. Then, in the content, make sure you’re driving traffic towards a call to action that can help people get in contact with the office in question. Engaging your audience with the content you create, as well as the website you’ve designed, will help encourage them to do business with you. Make sure you’re taking advantage of that as often as you can.

Law Firm Video Marketing: Engage and Build Your Audience

Overall, law firm video marketing is something that every business owner should be taking advantage of. Video content has come a long way in the last year alone. Additionally, there’s a variety of websites and platforms that support video content. With Facebook Live quickly climbing the ranks among the best ways to market towards your audience, it’s imperative that every business owner is looking towards video marketing as a viable strategy for the future. With the amount of traffic you can generate with video content, as well as the accessibility that the video format has, law firm video marketing is the smart thing to invest in as the days go forward. Take advantage of the platform that can help you engage in the concept of “going viral”, reach out to your audience, and commit to law firm video marketing for the future of your business.

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