Law Firm Business Development

I have written on some of the issues that independent lawyers face when running their own practice, especially on the dangers of overworking. I have also provided some good remedies to help you, and today I would like to focus on some of the other resources available to help you with law firm business development, managing your time, and assisting you in cultivating consistent forward progress.

Law Firm Business Development – Diagnosis:

There are many demands on the enterprising sort who decide to go this path, and time management is vital to avoid burnout and generate continued success. As it is a detail oriented profession, it is easy for lawyers to succumb to perfectionism, which can then lead to overworking, stress and anxiety. Add to this all the number of areas one must focus attention on when managing a start-up, from marketing to accounting, finding new clients and managing case loads. It is easy to see why so many start-ups fail, and why so many lawyers suffer from health issues.

Law Firm Business Development- Remedy:

Have you considered enlisting outside assistance to give you objective criticism and support? This can be a key component in ensuring that you continue to see success for your practice over the long term.

Even the Godfather Had A Coach

They called him the Consigliore and he served as a counselor and advisor to the boss. I am sure you are aware of the option of hiring a business coach, but have you taken advantage of it yet? A business coach can fast become an integral member of your team, and their knowledge and guidance can help you save and earn more money and perhaps more importantly, time.

In addition to this, business coaches can assist startups and independent firms navigate regulation requirements and licensing red tape, and discuss strategies for your weaker areas.   Thse are all very important things to consider when approaching the topic of law firm business development.  Having a coach in your corner will take away the feeling that you are going it alone, which goes along way in reducing stress and anxiety. Another key point worth mentioning, is you can tailor your sessions to fit your schedule and lifestyle. If you are busy, and chances are that you are, you can hold your meetings via phone or Skype without diluting the effects of their service.

Strength in Numbers

If you do not yet have the budget to hire a business coach, or even if you do, you very well

Law Firm Business Development

Law Firm Business Development

may want to consider joining or starting a mastermind group. Essentially, this would be a group of your peers getting together to help each other navigate through challenges using the collective resources and experience of the group. You meet according to your schedules to support each other, and share knowledge, resources and advice. Having the opportunity to express your situations verbally and to receive instant feedback and assistance once again feeds into the necessity of reducing stress and anxiety.

There are other benefits as well. You can advertise through each other, share workloads and clients if necessary, extend your networks, and potentially collaborate on larger cases. You will aid each other in keeping your focus on the bigger goals of your practice, and see each other through the rough patches that you are sure to face in your careers.

Another Kind Of Coach

Have you ever heard of an accountability coach? This can be similar to a business coach but does not have to be relegated strictly to business. The idea is that they will help you identify your goals, whether they be to lose that extra 10 pounds, spend more time with your family or find a new client each month, and develop strategies to continually meet them. The process is tailored to your needs and wants.

Knowing that there is going to be someone asking you how you have done to move towards your self-identified goals can be an extra source of motivation, and let us be honest, motivation is something that needs to be continually stoked.

The Slight Edge

I would also like to mention this valuable resource for keeping your awareness and perspective sharp. The Slight Edge  is a best-selling book written by Jeff Olson and I highly recommend it to you. “It is not a self-help gimmick or motivational tool. It simply shows you how to create powerful results from the simple daily activities of your life.” It is available in print of course but also here in an audio version. Consider it food for your success and part of your necessary positive mental input. It is another tool to help keep you moving forward and tackling law firm business development.

Law Firm Business Development – Final Words

I truly believe that there are some valuable resources mentioned here to help you in the pursuit of succeeding at law firm business development. It is worth mentioning again, that consistent action is one of the most important ingredients for thriving businesses. This article has been designed with this in mind, and I wish you all the best fortunes in your endeavors.  If you want more information about law firm business development, read this article:  Where To Start With Business Development.

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