Keys To Success – Your Goals

Successfully Manage Your Independent Law Firm

I’m sure you would agree that asking you if you want to succeed is a bit of a moot point isn’t it.  Who doesn’t want to succeed right?

But when you turn that question on yourself with serious intent, and define what your success actually looks like, you will get a true sense of the kind of commitment that you really have.

Because commitment is what is going to carry you through.

Obviously, you need practical and technical skills to thrive as a lawyer, but the one thing that most successful lawyers have in common, is they are serious about their goals.

Let’s Get Serious

Rather than have some loose ideas rolling around in your head, about where you want your practice to go, you need to sit down with pad and paper and actively write out your goals.

Be real with yourself, and take the time necessary for this kind of self-exploration.

Seeing your goals on paper allows you a space of distance, where you can take an objective position and examine them critically.

It will force you to think about your rates, how many billable hours you will actually need, how many hours you will have to work, etc.

Having them in front of you in this way marshals your insight and planning faculties, and will allow you to reverse engineer how you are going to get where you want to go, and to come up with real actionable steps.

You will be able to knit together the series of small goals that will come together to see the accomplishment of the greater goals.

It might be helpful to break things down into the classic five-year plan, with long-term goals, yearly goals, your monthly goals, and then of course, your daily goals will come from that.

This doesn’t have to be a rigid process, it is meant to help you guide your actions towards your desired position.

Remember:  success doesn’t happen overnight, it is the result of consistent daily action taken over time.

Not Sure What Is Realistic?

If you are just starting out in the field, you might not be sure how realistic your goals are.  Or, you might even be having difficulty figuring out what goals to actually have.

This is common for many young graduates just coming out of law school, and what I recommend is that they seek out the counsel of a mentor.

Those Who Have Gone Before

Mentorship is another key component for success, and the wisest and most successful of us have all learned from the experience of others at some point in our careers.

You can connect with your peers and colleagues, consult a business coach, and even a trusted accountant will have a wealth of information to help you along.

There are mastermind groups online that I also highly recommend you explore.  There is no real need to ‘go it alone’, and no one really can.

They can all help you determine what is realistic and the kinds of action steps that you should be thinking about implementing.

Final Words

Nurturing and cultivating the kinds of relationships that are mutually beneficial will help lead you towards the goals that you have set with more fluidity and clarity.

It starts with getting intimate with your goals and moving consistently towards them day after day, week after week.

Knowing where you stand regarding the management of your independent practice will help to take the stress of as well, which as we know, goes a long way towards the sustainable success of your career.

Until next time!

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