Linked Selling with LinkedIn Specialist Josh Turner

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In this week’s episode of The Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Josh Turner, who is the founder of Linked Selling, which is a B2B marketing firm specializing in fully outsourced LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. Josh’s company also operates Linked University, which is an online training program for LinkedIn marketing. During the show, Sam and Josh talk about the problems people face when first using LinkedIn, tips for success, and how best to use groups and advertising.

Main Questions Asked:

  • What exactly is LinkedIn?
  • Does LinkedIn have the ability to use video?
  • What are the common diagnosis of problems you see when people enter LinkedIn?
  • What are some of the prescriptions for success?
  • What are some things you can do to systematize prospecting?
  • Is there a way in LinkedIn to search for specific referral partners?
  • What are the best ways to go about connecting with people on LinkedIn?
  • Talk about LinkedIn groups, how they work, and why they are affective.
  • Is there a connection with being able to do a webinar and LinkedIn?
  • Does LinkedIn have the capability to buy ad space?

Key Lessons Learned:

  • Social media helps position businesses as leaders in their market and to leverage that authority to generate leads and increase sales.
  • LinkedIn is a professional online business network and the place you go to connect with your colleagues, alumni, and business contacts.
  • LinkedIn can be used as a recruiting tool and job search; however, Josh uses it to help people get in front of prospects and develop business, market, generate leads, and increase sales.

Using LinkedIn

  • 40{cf5d02f31badde63b68d55c0bed56ab5356094abc2057734bc0088249d8536d3} of users visit the LinkedIn site at least once a day.
  • Design a top of mind campaign that will position you in front of all of your connections as well as other prospects within LinkedIn. This allows you to stay in front of people in a ‘non-salesy’ way.
  • There are ways to keep your name in front of targeted prospects on a daily basis.
  • Share status updates and group postings, whether that be your own content or curated.
  • It’s not possible to upload video natively within LinkedIn, but you can embed video.
  • Structure your headline so it announces who you serve, how you serve them, and the benefit that they get after working with you. Answer the question ‘what’s in it for them?’
  •  Using the advanced people search function allows you to search for anyone based on anything they might have listed in their profile. E.g. If you are looking for IP attorneys, search for anyone with ‘IP’ in their profile and the word ‘attorney’ in their title.

Diagnosis of Problems

  • People don’t have a plan.
  • Un-compelling profiles that don’t speak to the benefits that the person brings to the table.
  • Not using the headline to tell people what you do or your area of expertise.
  • Being in groups and interacting with competitors rather than perspective clients.

Prescriptions for Success

  • Set aside 20 minutes per day to use LinkedIn, and reach out to a certain number of new prospects by inviting them to connect or meet up in person.
  • Proactively bring new prospects into your funnel on a regular basis and constantly build connections.
  • Have a system for how to convert new prospects into real world, face-to-face relationships.
  • Develop a ‘prospect profile’ and have a clear definition of whom you are targeting.
  • Create a one-page cheat sheet with all the demographic data you will use to identify your clients or prospects within LinkedIn.
  • Systematize by using saved searches and having your scripts pre-formatted in templates for different types of approaches to connect with people.
  • Take the time to develop a relationship and position yourself as someone to know, like, and trust by providing good resources and valuable content.
  • Entice people to go to your website and share content from your website on a regular basis.

LinkedIn Groups

  • These are communities of like-minded people who are engaged in discussions, networking and the sharing of content.
  • It is possible to join up to 50 groups, each of which are focused on geographic area, industry, interests, or job positions.
  • Distributing content in groups is a great way to keep your name in front of a lot of people on a regular basis.

LinkedIn Advertising

  • There is a self-serve platform for advertising similar to Facebook, but it’s not quite as robust yet it is less complicated.
  • LinkedIn advertising gives you access to a set of people you can’t reach on Facebook.
  • In LinkedIn ads you can target anyone based on what they have listed in their profile.

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