How To Market A Law Firm

We all have to give some attention to marketing and promoting our law practice so that we can continue to generate new clients, but many of us may not have a lot of experience or expertise in this field. We’re lawyers, we practice law not marketing.  Hence when it’s time to get clients the question often lingers… “How to market a law firm.”How To Market A Law Firm

But like all businesses, if we aren’t able to reach prospective clients and communicate our services to them, we simply won’t have the success we are after. You could be the most knowledgeable and helpful lawyer with an impeccable track record, but if there is no one coming into your office, it really doesn’t matter does it?

Ok, so we know we have to put some time, energy and money into this effort, so let’s look at some ways to effectively do just that. I know you are already busy, and too busy to master another trade, so that’s why I’ve compiled these helpful strategies together for you to review.

Whether you are just building your practice or are looking for some new ways to refine your marketing technique, there is something here for you.

How To Market a Law Firm Diagnosis:

We may not be well versed in this area, but there is no need to re-invent the wheel here. There are plenty of experts who have studied this subject, and we need only focus our attention on the gold dust they have provided, learn from them, and stay consistent.

The key word we want to focus on here is effective. Whilst there is likely to be a small amount of experimenting to see what works best, we want to streamline our efforts. There is no avoiding tackling this aspect of our business, so let’s approach it intelligently so we can increase revenue, reach new clients and and still have time to enjoy our lives to the fullest degree.

Remember, our overall goal to is to achieve success and still have a life!

How To Market A Law Firm Remedy:

Confirm That They Made the Right Choice in Hiring You.

First and foremost should be the focus on providing a high-quality service to your existing clients. Think of your practice like a garden that needs to be cultivated and tended. It really should be an end in itself to provide great value, but there is a latent effect as well. People recognize and appreciate real care, and satisfied clients will go out of their way to recommend a truly great service, make referrals and possibly become a repeat customer.

Think of your practice as a brand, and a brand must be built and groomed so that people know you, like you, and trust you. Remember that your greatest sources for future clients is in the clients that you already have or have had.

Develop Your Niche

If you haven’t already, consider specializing in a specific area of the law rather than offer general law services. Specialists tend to earn more and it makes it easy to tailor your business and target your potential client base. Needless to say, you will also get very good in your chosen niche.

Think Locally and Build Community

Invest in your business and client base by spending time in your community. This can be classic networking where you attend events and interact with local businesses and community leaders, speaking engagements (consider offering free consultations), or you could sponsor a sports team or charity event. The idea is to not only develop ties with your community, but to have people know you and know what you do, so they can make positive referrals.

If you have the time, one great way to build a potential client base is to join a trade association. From there, look to assume responsibility and volunteer to be on the board of directors. This is an exceptional way to strengthen your community presence in an arena that can yield real results.

Build Your Online Empire

If you’re not online yet, it’s overdue. Some people may still use the yellow pages, but that number is small and getting smaller every year. This first step is to of course have a website telling about yourself and your services. In order to generate traffic to your site and turn that traffic into paying clientele, it can be helpful to write a blog that offers value to your target audience. Like this one!

Make sure your content is stellar.

When approaching online marketing, producing video will make you stand out and allow viewers to get a ‘feel’ for who you are. Not only can you build a better rapport and introduce yourself more effectively through video than you can through text, but you can ask for emails at the end of your video and connect them to the rest of your marketing campaign. It can’t be overlooked that a large percentage of the market is actually looking for video for their needs.

They have grown up with the internet and it is what they know. Consider that YouTube is the fourth most popular site online and the second largest search engine in the world. Add to this an active online social media presence and you should have your bases covered. There is more that you can do, I dedicated an entire episode of The Law Practice Doctor Podcast.  You can find the episode here:  IMPAKT On Your Web Presence.

If this is all a little overwhelming, consider outsourcing an expert to do this for you. You’ve got to have a marketing budget anyways, so work this into your business costs.

The Power of Testimonial

Whether it be a 5 star rating or direct written feedback, people pay attention to what others have said when considering purchases or hiring services. Spend some time and create an easy and anonymous way for your clients to leave comments, and make sure to have their permission to use it online. If you can get a personal photo, even better.  This is one of my favorite ways on how to market a law firm.

Final Thoughts

Remember that garden metaphor from earlier? Plants to grow overnight, so remember that consistency is the key on how to market a law firm.  If you spend four to five hours each week on generating new clients, that adds up to 200 hours in the year, and those are numbers that will garner results.

If you put in the time now, it will pay off in dividends down the road, and that means more time for your loved ones! I trust that this article will have you brainstorming on your options. Keep in mind that this is not an exclusive list and each option has considerably more detail that can be explored. If you have any comments or would like to join the conversation, please feel free to post below or contact me directly.

Want even more tips describing how to market a law firm?  ABA Journal put together a cool article here:  50 Simple Ways To Market Your Practice.

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