How To Get Clients As a Lawyer

Many of my clients have pondered the question of, “How To Get Clients As a Lawyer?”   It is not enough to only focus your attention on bettering your skills as a lawyer, you have also got to sharpen your marketing strategies. If you don’t, you’ll likely have no one to use those skills for.

I’ve written on this subject here and today I am going to give you a few more effective ideas, and talk about the kind of mind-set you have to adopt in order to continually thrive as an lawyer/entrepreneur.

How To Get Clients As a Lawyer -Diagnosis:

I identify two of the biggest challenges that lawyers running their own firms face in securing a consistent flow of new clients. The first is that they simply lack the knowledge and expertise needed to market their business properly. The second is time. Or should I say lack of time. Starting and running a law practice necessitates a considerable demand for time and energy, not to mention the time needed to maintain a healthy personal and private life. Due to this, we need and want our success to happen yesterday, but this is simply not reality.

So, my intention with this article is to give you some tips and insights to both increase your marketing knowledge and help you save time in the endeavor. I would like to encourage you to pursue strategies that are known to yield results.

How To Get Clients As A Lawyer

How To Get Clients As a Lawyer – Remedy:

I’d like to take a moment and talk about the kind of mindset that will help you reduce anxiety and stress, and keep you moving in a successful direction. How we think effects our behavior, and our behavior shapes our reality, so it is obviously important to lay a proper foundation.

When it comes to securing new clients, you have to think of it in terms of a process, and one that is invariably going to unfold slowly over the long-term. Clients are not going to start herding through your door just because you’ve put a sign up. You’ve heard of the know-like-and-trust-factor? Well, this is what you must keep in mind and be aware of, and you must understand that it is a process of cultivation over time. You need to arm yourself with perseverance and commitment on this journey.

Let’s break it down into some practical steps that you can take and implement right away.

People Have to Know Your Law Firm Exists

This is where you need to get some savvy marketing going. Start with a website of course and start announcing that you are open for business or are taking on new clients. This could be as simple as sending out that announcement to everyone you know in your network. Just make sure to use qualitystationary, and remember that this isn’t an act of solicitation, you’re merely letting people know you are open for business.

Online social media is an opportunity for you to begin to establish yourself as an authority on your particular area of expertise. You do this by providing quality content, whether that be in knowledge sound bites, helpful resources, articles like this one, or in producing helpful video. The idea is to get your name and your voice out there and keep it there consistently. You simply can not know when someone could turn into a client, but you want to be on their mind when they do.

Building your authority and getting yourself out there is the first step and can be done in a number of ways offline as well. You can speak at conferences and lectures that are related to your area of law.

One of the most effective ways to get to know people and build relationships is by joining a trade association. This involves taking some time to really identify who your ideal target clientele is. Once you accomplish this, join a trade association in that industry and get involved with it. This is where consistency and proper time management is going to come into play. It isn’t enough to simply join the organization, you’ve got to invest some time and energy. You’ve got to attend meetings, join a committee, volunteer for an event.  Here is a great article by the Remsen Group that details the entire process.

Be Someone YOU would do business with

Who are you really? It isn’t enough to implement these effective strategies for getting your business name into circulation if you are not a likeable person. How you engage with people in all walks of life, and how you manage your personal life, are all reflections of how you are like to be in your professional life, and perception is everything.

People want to work with, and hire those, who are courteous, polite, generous, well-spoken, organized and honest. Your inner qualities show in how you carry yourself at all times. I’m not recommending that you be fake, but if you don’t have these qualities as part of your inner makeup, then perhaps an investment of time for personal development will go along way.

This all extends into your professional etiquette. Are you answering your calls and emails within 24 hours? All your emails and calls? Have you considered the power of a hand-written thank you note? You should! Practice amazing customer service and consider that you need to act and behave at all times as you would want your attorney to act and behave.

Trust is Built

Developing healthy relationships over time is going to generate the necessary amount of impressions people have of you to finally build trust. And it is trust that is going to turn into customers, repeat clients and referrals. It goes without saying that you should be honest in all your dealings, even if you are given too much change at the supermarket.

How to Get Clients As a Lawyer – Final Thoughts

I trust there are some practical steps you can take and that you have come to see that getting clients as a lawyer is both a process and an all-encompassing approach. Anyone at anytime could be a potential client and it is their impression of you that can make all the difference. So, get yourself out there, stay consistent and plant the seeds that will turn into the fruits of your success!

I came across this interesting article in Forbes where an LA based lawyer went from no clients to a thriving practice in two years.  I recommend you check it out for some additional tips.

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