Getting the Most From LinkedIn

In the beginning, many of us used LinkedIn as an online rolodex. Since it’s advent in 2002, it has grown in leaps and bounds and become much more to so many millions of people. So we turned to Josh Turner to get some insight into TLPD-Turnerwhat might work for lawyers. We’ll look at the diagnosis, and some remedies to get your solo or small law business more geared to a LinkedIn state of mind.

Josh Turner is the founder of LinkedSelling, which is a B2B marketing firm specializing in fully outsourced LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. Josh’s company also operates, which is an online training program for LinkedIn marketing. Josh has been featured in The Huffington Post, Miami Herald, and other national publications.

So what is LinkedIn?

To a lot of attorneys, social media is on the back burner because their focus is primarily on the business. LinkedIn is one of the tools used to really get the word out, get in front of more prospects and attract clients. Josh Turner doesn’t like to think of LinkedIn as social media, but more of positioning clients as leaders in their industry, market, and from that generate leads to increase sales. There’s a number of different ways that you can approach LinkedIn to do that.

Diagnosis LinkedIn

One problem Josh is finding is people who use LinkedIn are not utilizing it to it’s full potential, because they’re logging on for basic essentials (messages, who’s looking at the profile, or reading a few articles). In other words, they don’t have a Plan and they’re just wasting their time.

Another common mistake is a profile that is too blasé. It doesn’t speak to the benefits and skills you bring to the table, nor your expertise. Your potential clients don’t care about your schooling or your specific title, they need something about you that will stick in their mind and answer the question: What’s in it for me?

Prescription for Success

  1. Commit 20 minutes per day to LinkedIn, reaching out to a set number of new prospects every day. Simply ask to connect, and take it from there.
  2. Make sure your profile is enticing people to go to your website; even your position with the firm is not as important as what you can offer them in terms of solutions.
  3. Get a clear picture of whom you’re targeting.
  4. Keep it professional at all times.
  5. Join LinkedIn groups, where your prospective clients spend time then engage in discussions, networking and sharing content.

To get LinkedIn savvy with Josh, he can be reached through either or

For those of you interested, Josh has a new book out called Connect –The Secret LinkedIn Playbook to Generate Leads, Build Relationships, and Dramatically Increase Your Sales (

This is a transcript of a recorded live presentation. It is in spoken-word format. While we have cleaned up the transcript a bit for easier reading, it’s not in edited written-word format.

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