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Tips on how to start law firm

Tips on How to Start Law Firm

Owning a law firm is always in the ambitions of most people who’ve graduated from law school. But what many law graduates fail to understand is that starting a law practice is a twofold ordeal. It means that you’re operating a business while also practicing law. This sounds like an exciting experience but let’s not…

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Lawyer stress

Lawyers Stress: How Can A Lawyer Manage The Stress

Is being a lawyer stressful? Legal practice is not the glamour profession displayed on the television screens. As a lawyer there is need to work for long hours in a rapidly changing legal landscape due to the pressure to generate business. The workload is too much and time is never enough. The senior partners are…

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Marketing for Lawyers

Embracing Marketing for Lawyers

Some lawyers always have chills at the thought of marketing. For some, it may seem like something that they will spend a lot of money on. For others, it may seem like an activity that’s specifically reserved for those who are outgoing. However, that’s not always the case. In fact, what any lawyer should focus…

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how to start a law practice

How to Start a Law Practice

Aside from being capable in the legal field, some lawyers are also entrepreneurs. Yes, there is some breed of people who just cannot find comfort in being employed. They would rather be the job creators rather than the job seekers. If you are this type, then this article is for you. Starting a law practice…

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Law Practice Areas

The 6 Most Lucrative Law Practice Areas

Every aspiring lawyer and law school student who is planning to advance into some form of law firm careers is at some point curious about what the most lucrative law practice areas are. I mean, let’s face it. We aren’t in law firm careers for the sole purpose of helping others – we reap benefits…

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Morning Routines For Successful Day

Morning Routines For Successful People As the Law Practice Doctor, I’m always looking for ways to bring helpful strategies to independent lawyers so they can be more productive and successful, and still live a life that they enjoy. Having a morning routine has helped me in my own professional path, as it has for countless…

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Stay Organized With Smart Software

What Is In Your Tool Belt? The successful management of an independent law firm can be a demanding pursuit for even the most organized of professionals. Aside from the actual application of the law, a lawyer running his or her own ship must cultivate a diverse skill set in order to handle the variety of…

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Persuasive Speaking

Keys To Success – Persuasive Speaking

Say What You Mean and Say it Well I’m going to go ahead and say that every lawyer needs to master the art of persuasive speaking. Even if you are not a trial lawyer and have no intention of being one, this skill comes into play with everyone you encounter as a professional.  Judges, clients,…

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Stress Management and Wellness

Stress Management and Wellness

Be Proactive With Your Health You know my focus here at the Law Practice Doctor.  I’m as much concerned about your personal welfare as an individual, as I am about the overall success of your law practice. I’ve spoken about the great amounts of stress that lawyers face, and the reasons behind it.  It’s an…

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Paperless Office tips

Paperless Office

To Print Or Not To Print The term ‘paperless office’ has been bandied about for many years now, but in truth, it is not a very realistic concept for an independent law practice. Not only are hard copies absolutely necessary in all manners of instances with clients and in the courtroom, but having certain things…

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