Branding Details – Custom Invoices

Branding Success is in the Details

Your reputation and your personal brand are intimately linked together, and are elements of your law practice that you must keep in mind with everything you do.

In previous article that was about¬†Lawyer Reputation, I’ve spoken on this fact and tried to impress that every encounter you have with someone is an opportunity to either improve and build your reputation, or lower it, as the case may be.

Well, this applies to the paperwork that you send out to your clients as well, and specifically for this article, your invoices.

Your Paperwork Speaks

Your invoices are not just a method to get paid, they are an opportunity to express the qualities and values that you exemplify with your law firm.

They serve as a reminder to your clients what kind of attorney they have hired, and they represent your brand inside their home when you are not present.

Other than your business card, they are what your clients keep with them after the fact.

Suffice to say, make sure they are professional looking, clearly organized, and easy to understand.

Use them as an opportunity to stand out in a positive light and make sure to include your logo in your letterhead.

The last thing you want is to send your clients a cheap looking and plain invoice.

After all, what would say about you as a lawyer?

Additionally, the general consensus is that the more professional and polished your invoice, the quicker you will paid.

Find the Right Balance

Another point worth mentioning, is to ensure that you strike the right balance in your invoicing details in regards to what you are billing for.

Charging for the bottle of water that you drank during a meeting is not going to win over any clients or hold you in a favourable light.

And definitely don’t force your clients to figure out for themselves what they are being charged for.

Be accurate and transparent in your details and clearly explain all your charges.

Closing Words

It doesn’t take too much of your time to ensure that the invoices you are sending your clients are delivering the message you would want, and are improving your reputation as an organized and professional attorney.

That initial expenditure of effort will pay dividends over time in the form of prompt payments, confident clients, and future referrals.

Using appropriate software, like Rocket Matter, will help make this job even easier for you.

Success is in the details, so make sure you have this one covered!

Until next time!

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