Ben Glass is “Playing to Win”

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 8.30.41 PMSince 2005, Ben Glass and the Great Legal Marketing team has taught acclaimed marketing tactics to thousands of solo and small law firm lawyers for growing their practices through truly effective direct response marketing. Great Legal Marketing emphasize a profitable law practice achieved by using an ethical, effective, and fun approach which balances serving the clients, the lawyer, most desires, with time devoted to the lawyer’s family. Ben has put on conferences with sold-out crowds, has lectured in continuing education seminars and has been featured in, or quoted by, multiple publications and television broadcasts.

According to Ben, Great Legal Marketing was started in an effort to really help solo and small firm lawyers. GLM is for the lawyer who is not spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on advertising and marketing (yet there’s always a big gorilla in their neighborhood).

Ben Glass is nationally recognized for being a board certified personal injury, medical malpractice, and disability insurance attorney in Fairfax, Virginia. He wears the hat of small business advocate, non-profit and charity supporter. Author of the controversial The Truth about Lawyer Advertising, plus nine other books, and creator of Great Legal Marketing. by testing various marketing techniques in his own law practice, Ben discovered what worked and used that knowledge to create Great Legal Market ten years ago.

Here is a diagnosis of what Ben and I discussed, and his take on what he finds the most troubling for lawyers out there today whose marketing efforts (or lack thereof) are left to be desired.


  • Law school does not teach lawyers how to market
  • Lawyers need a clear vision of who they want to see walking in that door
  • There’s a need to define the type of law you want to practice
  • Look at the things you need to do, or change in the way you market yourself because you cannot rest on your laurels.


  • Create content you can hand out to clients, ie., “10 top questions asked [in a particular field of law]”, or “how do I deal with … ?”
  • Have a database to keep track of contacts
  • Understand the need for good follow-up marketing
  • Do the things that make clients feel special, or that they’ve had a good experience
  • Pick up a mirror when you’re on the phone. Smile more.

Your practice may be fine, but is it really fine? Clients may have different goals and interests than what you’re throwing at them. Listen to them.

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This is a transcript of a recorded live presentation. It is in spoken-word format. While we have cleaned up the transcript a bit for easier reading, it’s not in edited written-word format.

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