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Social Media Tactics for Law Firm Websites

Social Media Tactics for Law Firm Websites

The secret to a successful web presence when it comes to law firm sites is more than just a static web presence. Blogging and social media are also highly important when it comes to offering value to readers and successfully engaging prospective clients. We have covered The Why and How of Law Practice Blogs. Now…

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Marketing for a Law Firm

Business Growth By Marketing for a Law Firm

Sometimes the reason why your law firm is not getting as many customers as you’d like lies within your marketing. It’s not that your knowledge of the law is being questioned; it’s just how you market your law firm. Your marketing may be lacking or minimal. Or perhaps you’re just not doing it the right…

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law firm business development

Law Firm Business Development

When it comes to taking the business to a new level, some law firms seem to be struggling too much. Law firm business development is not an uphill task. It only needs a commitment by the concerned parties to a business development strategy that works. This article will, therefore, highlight the best practices as far…

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Tips on how to start law firm

Tips on How to Start Law Firm

Owning a law firm is always in the ambitions of most people who’ve graduated from law school. But what many law graduates fail to understand is that starting a law practice is a twofold ordeal. It means that you’re operating a business while also practicing law. This sounds like an exciting experience but let’s not…

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Starting your own law firm

5 Things You’ll Learn After Starting Your Own Law Firm

It’s every lawyer’s dream to open up their own law firm. Of course, they don’t realize how challenging it can be. These are some of the lessons that you can anticipate learning when you go through the process of starting your own law firm. 1. Downtime is nonexistent There is no denying that lawyers work…

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Lawyer stress

Lawyers Stress: How Can A Lawyer Manage The Stress

Is being a lawyer stressful? Legal practice is not the glamour profession displayed on the television screens. As a lawyer there is need to work for long hours in a rapidly changing legal landscape due to the pressure to generate business. The workload is too much and time is never enough. The senior partners are…

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Digital Marketing efforts

Improve The Digital Marketing Efforts Of Your Law Firm

Looking for some ideas to help improve the digital marketing efforts of your law firm? In this article, I’m going to take a look at some of the common areas where you should be putting your energy in order to increase the traffic to your site and capture more leads once it goes there. I’ll…

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Law Firm Internet Marketing

Top Law Firm Internet Marketing Tips

Lawyers have always had it hard so to speak in the aspect of law firm internet marketing. In fact, most of them prefer to outsource the whole thing. Well, when this might be the case, law firm internet marketing can be undertaken at the firm-level to take it to the next level. This article will…

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Marketing for Lawyers

Embracing Marketing for Lawyers

Some lawyers always have chills at the thought of marketing. For some, it may seem like something that they will spend a lot of money on. For others, it may seem like an activity that’s specifically reserved for those who are outgoing. However, that’s not always the case. In fact, what any lawyer should focus…

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Internet Marketing For Lawyers

Internet Marketing For Lawyers: Some Effective Tools to Make Use Of

Internet marketing for lawyers seems to be a hard nut to crack. In fact, most lawyers are considered to suck in internet marketing. However, all that’s required is knowing certain tactics and sure strategies that work. There are numerous online tools available that have great utility in marketing. This article will consider some essential tools…

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