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In this week’s episode of The Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Alison Pena, who is a principal Affluence Catalyst. Alison works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals by providing ongoing accountability, support, and training in the art of affluence. She is a speaker, entrepreneur, and has a book on the way called Unlocking the Affluence Code. During the podcast, Sam and Alison discuss mind shifts and reframing, data mining, and why people don’t make the money they should.


Main Questions Asked: 

  • What is an affluence catalyst?
  • What is an affluence wheel?
  • What are the prescriptions for purpose driven people to do better with their own business?
  • What are the practical things you recommend to newer clients?
  • What kind of data are we looking for to provide clarity and who should become our avatar client?
  • How do you help business owners find more time?
  • What resources do you use on a regular basis?
  • How does health play a role in what you are trying to achieve?
  • What tips can help mind shifts?


Key Lessons Learned:

  • As an affluence catalyst, Alison starts with the client and who they perceive they are in order to figure out how to work on their business.
  • If who we are in our business is congruent and aligned, then everything works better.


The Three Lenses

  • Who you are and how you interact in the world will determine how successful certain strategies are.
  •  Everybody sees and interacts through three lenses:


  1. Purpose
  • When people are focused on their work and it is going well, then their life falls into place easily.
  • People with purpose make money easily because they understand goals and work well within structure.


  1. Love
  • When the one-on-one connections are good, then everything works.
  • Focus on developing relationships and tend to give exceptional customer service.
  • These ‘Love’ people would have a large referral business as they nurture people who give them referrals.


  1. Charity
  • These ‘Charity’ people are about community and see their entire business as an ecosystem.
  • This involves looking at how the people are networked.
  • Charity people often become the ‘go-to’ person for what people need and can build their business as being a resource.


Reasons People Don’t Make the Money They Should 

  1. Mixing the value or sense of your own worth with the value of what you offer.
  • You won’t make enough money because the mindset is off.


  1. Marketing to the wrong people.
  • Figure out which communities you care about.
  • Typically, your clients are the people and places you are most passionate about.
  • Align who your clients are with how much you want to get paid.
  • People choose clients from their passion or their pain.
  • Mine the data from your own life and work to see who those people are who you should serve.
  • Those clients will come to you easier as you are speaking their language.


Data Mining

  • The clearer you are about what you want, your milestones, and your end goal, the better you can serve your client and yourself.
  • Look back into your own personal business history.
  • Our whole life is a series of tweaks and assessments.


Finding More Time

  • We should only be working in our ‘sweet spot’ as soon as we can afford to do that.
  • Virtual assistants assist with the small things that take away from the focus of your business.



  • If you are not well, you are out of business if you are a solopreneur.
  • Mine the energy from your goals and celebrate each milestone.
  • Pausing and celebrating produces a burst of energy to reach the next milestone.


Mind Shifts & Reframing

  • Know the business you love.
  • We think that our success or failure is about circumstances outside of ourselves, but that is disempowering
  • We need to interact with the circumstances outside of ourselves, but know it’s not ‘them,’ it’s ‘us.’
  • Most of us know what we need to do; it’s all about getting out of our own way to do those things


Unlocking the Affluence Code

  • The door has a key, and it can be opened.
  • People who are struggling with surviving don’t have bandwidth for anything beyond themselves and their family.

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What is an affluence catalyst & how can it improve your business? Find out w/ Alison Pena & @gaylordpoppllc 

What are the reasons people don’t make the money they should?  Find out w/ Alison Pena & @gaylordpoppllc      

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