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In this week’s episode of The Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Adam Hommey, who is the founder and creator of Help My Website Sell, which assists entrepreneurs in launching their products, services, books, and building conversion funnels. Adam is a mentor, and teacher, and provides solutions in order to help convert website visitors into prospects and customers. He simplifies the internet marketing technology for his clients. During the show, Sam and Adam discuss the website auditing process, what clients look for in an attorney’s website, and how to write and launch your book.

Main Questions Asked:

  • How do you go about diagnosing in terms of what is right and wrong with websites?
  • Explain what you mean by, ‘attorneys are targeting the right people.’
  • Talk about driving traffic and getting people to come to your website.
  • What do attorneys need on their websites?
  • Talk about attorneys having authority through writing a book.

Key Lessons Learned:

  • Some attorneys websites ‘toot their own horn’ rather than addressing client.
  • Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that is the only thing you are going to use for your marketing.
  • Being persistently consistent creates top of mind awareness.

Website Auditing Process

  • Audience targeting – Is your message addressing the right people?
  • Are you addressing your audience?

What People Look for in an Attorney’s Website

  • Clients are looking at attorney sites to see certifications, awards, and if they are a ‘super lawyer.’
  • How easy is it to get a hold of an attorney in their office and book an appointment?
  • Blogs where questions are actively answered.

What Should Be on Your Website

  • Phone number.
  • Information that provides piece of mind.
  • Sense that this is an established attorney.
  • Examples of media interviews such as TV and print.
  • Address FAQs as well as questions you wish clients would ask up front.

Search Engine Marketing

  • Think about what people naturally type into Google, e.g. “How do I beat an out of state New York speeding ticket,” and name your content accordingly.
  • Set yourself up as an authority and niche down as far as you can go.
  • Answer all the frequently asked questions you can think of.


  • This is a great way to draw visitors to you who are ready to receive your message.
  • To optimize a YouTube video, it’s about the title, description, and extra text inside the description that all have the key phrase.
  • Keep YouTube videos short with 3 points.

Traffic to Website vs. Visitors to Webpage

  • ‘Traffic’ can be random, whereas visitors are prequalified.
  • What you are looking for are visitors who are prequalified, prepped, and pumped.

Writing Your Book

  • Write outlines of what you want to cover.
  • Source 8 podcasts to be featured as a guest on and get interviewed on each of the 8 topics you want to cover.
  • Pay someone to interview you and record it on Instant Teleseminar.
  • Provide the podcasts and teleseminars to a transcriber.
  • Once transcribed, your content becomes an editing and transition job rather than writing a book from scratch.
  • Get a proofreader to clean up your draft.
  • Have a book designer to make a nice cover.
  • Submit to Amazon CreateSpace.

Launching Your Book

  • Do a targeted campaign to get as many people to buy your book in the shortest period possible.
  • During the launch, have a promotion where people can have the book for free as long as they pay shipping and handling.
  • This project isn’t about getting a major book deal but rather about getting more clients and positioning you as an authority in your niche.
  • People will perceive that you have a popular book available and people have read it.
  • A book makes you more likely to get booked as a guest on various media outlets.
  • Every time someone buys your book, it puts them in your customer database.
  • The cost for each book is around $5.75.
  • A good price to charge for shipping and handling is $6.95 so you are getting paid $1 for every lead.
  • Book launches often have a unique website.

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