10 Ways to Market a Law Firm That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

Law firms can spend a lot of money trying to come up with effective ways to market a law firm, but you don’t have to. You also don’t have to be extra charming or outgoing. In fact, the only thing you need for good business development is a marketing plan that you highlights the activities that you excel at and targeting the right demographic.

Here are 10 ways to market a law firm that doesn’t cost a fortune.

1. Some lawyers out there are under the impression that if you do great work, people will come to you. This isn’t the case—people need to be reminded of your good work, and frequently.

2. Contact at least three to five possible referral sources every week, regardless of how busy you might be. It works much better than struggling to find clients when things are slow.

3. At any business receptions, always ask the organizers if you could be the official greeter. This will give you the perfect reason to introduce yourself to a whole room full of people.

4. You can market a law firm through your practice-related blog. Use your blog to post information that’s really useful to respectful Usually, this doesn’t include descriptions of how great the firm is or how competent you are as a lawyer.

5. Clients will receive plenty of holiday cards, and yours could get lost in the mix. Instead, choose a holiday that you enjoy and one that complements your practice. When you separate your practice from others, it’s one of the most memorable ways to market a law firm.

6. Think hard about who you want your potential client base to be and target the decision makers from that specific market.

7. When you are going to meet a possible client, focus on their immediate needs. This might not have anything to do with your practice. Maybe their immediate need is to find a doctor. If you know of a doctor that could help them, you can make that happen. If you can do that, there’s a good chance that both people will think of you when they need services that you provide.

8. Organize a dinner party for former law school classmates from different practices. This will give the attendees a great opportunity to network and expand their referral opportunities (and your’s, too!).

9. Develop a marketing plan that focuses on activities that you enjoy. If you enjoy writing, think of ways to market a law firm online. Newsletters are great because you can connect with people on a one on one basis. You can also do volunteer work as an activity that complements your practice.

10. Focus on awesome lawyers that are your contemporaries when you’re thinking about potential sources for referrals. The more experienced that a lawyer is, the higher the likelihood of them having people that they can refer cases.

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