Ways to market a law firm

5 Effective Ways to Market a Law Firm

A lot of lawyers aren’t able to secure new clients because they don’t do enough activities that will develop business. If they do, they waste time on the wrong services or activities which prevent them from really connecting with potential clients. Here are some of the most effective ways to market a law firm and…

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Digital Marketing efforts

Improve The Digital Marketing Efforts Of Your Law Firm

Looking for some ideas to help improve the digital marketing efforts of your law firm? In this article, I’m going to take a look at some of the common areas where you should be putting your energy in order to increase the traffic to your site and capture more leads once it goes there. I’ll…

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Dealing with Procrastination

Dealing with Procrastination

Put an End to Procrastination Procrastination is an issue that most everybody deals with, that’s no big surprise to anyone. I think I’m pretty safe in saying that we are all challenged with it on some level from time to time. Therefore, it is worth having a look at the issue and discussing how we…

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Yoga Practices For The Corporate World with Mims Driscoll

In this week’s episode of the Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Mims Driscoll. Mims is a trauma informed yoga specialist and has been practising in the field of spiritual direction for the last twenty years. She’s the CEO and founder of Living Mangaliso.

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Marketing and Lead Generation with Frank Klesitz

In this week’s episode of the Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Frank Klesitz. Frank is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, marketer, and CEO of Vyral Marketing. Frank started his own marketing firm in order to build up and acquire leads for his fitness training business.

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How To Run A Law Firm with Lewis Landerholm

In this week’s episode of the Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Lewis Landerholm. Lewis began his law career as a part-time clerk for an attorney during law school, when he confirmed his passion for family law. Motivated to make his mark on the world, Lewis founded his practice right out of law school and continues to seek new, dynamic ways to foster positive change in the lives of his clients.

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Online video marketing

Online Marketing – Video

Video as a Marketing Tool Today’s article is a follow up to a previous guide I wrote on the subject of video marketing, and is meant to serve as a complimentary piece. I invite you to have a read of the first article when you are done here by clicking this link, and getting all…

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Alternative fee arrangements

Alternative Fee Arrangements

Offer Alternatives To Your Clients If you want to succeed as an independent lawyer, and I know you do, then offering exemplary client care has to be a part of your practice. One area where you can really make an impression with your clients is in your billing options. I’ve written on this subject to…

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Alarm clock standing on bedside table going to ring early morning to wake up woman in bed sleeping in background. Early awakening not getting enough sleep oversleep getting work time concept

Morning Routines For Successful Day

Morning Routines For Successful People As the Law Practice Doctor, I’m always looking for ways to bring helpful strategies to independent lawyers so they can be more productive and successful, and still live a life that they enjoy. Having a morning routine has helped me in my own professional path, as it has for countless…

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Workplace Planning

Workplace Planning and Design with Ken Baker

In this week’s episode of the Law Practice Doctor, Sam Gaylord interviews Ken Baker. Ken is currently serving as the member of the Gensler Management Committee and is the co-managing principal of Gensler South East Region. Ken is a globally recognized expert in workplace design and planning and has designed over 10 million square feet of office and institution workspace.

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